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The Start Of A New Article....... By Kim Laflamme

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Posted 22 May 2013 - 11:57 AM

QUOTE...Kim Laflamme

 When I lived in Bolivia, I once took a puppy home from the street, almost dead. She survived and is 15 yrs old now, without any major complaints. When people ask what breed she is, I always say she is the perfect mixture of a dog, the prototype J. Then I found your site and information about the American Indian Dogs. I once hope to have a dog like that again! At this moment we have small children (6, 9 and 11 yrs) and I am just starting to work as a Therapy dog trainer so I decided to have dogs like our Tibetan terrier (also a great dog!) and a Nizinny. But one day, somewhere in the future, I hope to honor Sofie and all that she has taught me and have a Song Dog (I like that name Song Dog).

Best wishes from the Netherlands, Jouke Boerma
Hi Jouke ~
YES, now that is a “real dog!” You can pretty much find these “prototypes” , not only in the “New World” country’s, but all over the world … & the more the modern breeds are ruined by more & more inbreeding (for the wrong reason’s) the more these “prototypes / ultimate mutts” are appreciated by “real dog aficionados”.  Sophie obviously has some of that old Indian dog blood & “who knows what?” – but sure no modern AKC show dog in her. She appears to look & is probably the exact same personality as the AI dogs have. Thanks so much for sharing pix & appreciating what a real dog is & of coarse giving Sofie a great home. Like the AI dogs Sofie is probably a good teacher; not only for you to learn from, but for the Therapy dogs, you work with also – keep up the good work & keep in touch – thanks ~
P.S. I’m working on an article & pix that show 100’s of dogs we have found all over the world that people have sent pix & story’s about, to me, just like your Sofie. They all have that “prototype look & “real dog!” personality … hope you don’t mind me including / honoring Sofie in my article, with pix? We also have some Amazonian jungle dogs that look very similar to Sofie with in our selective breeding program of AI dogs. If Sofie was younger we might even consider including her in our breeding program.



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Posted 28 May 2013 - 08:42 AM

Well I enjoyed reading the Peyote for pup story from the Mexican hills and the story about the new blood sent to Kim from an Island (was it Nova Scotia?). So I hope an Amazon story will be offered up, maybe with a picture or two. Sounds unique. Glad there is still new blood out there in remote pockets.

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Posted 28 May 2013 - 10:35 AM

We met an "Indian Dog" native of Taiwan the other week.  She looked almost exactly like our dogs, and my kids adored her.  Basically that region's version of the same versatile creature.  :)

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