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Posted 04 October 2009 - 04:45 AM

Good Morning!

My name is Sheila Crombie, and I live in Independence, MN. I have an AI dog, Fena, who is 5 years old. I haven't posted on the forum in a very long time and am making an attempt to re-connect.

In Februaray, my "first" AI Dog, Sophie, passed away. She was one month short of 6 years old, and seemingly in perfect health. She developed immune mediated thrombocytopenia and her liver failed as a result of the medications needed to control the bleeding. The vet believes the disease was a result of vaccinations, so Fena is now on titers for everything. I still grieve her passing every day. she was a Rogue daughter and every inch her father!

Sophie and Fena both competed in Rally Obedience and formal obedience through UKC and APDT. Fena continues to compete in these. She also got her Therapy Dog certificate this spring, and we visit a day program for adults with MS every other week. She is learning to herd sheep and ducks (she's a natural at it- I, sadly, am not). We will start competing in that next fall. We have plans for other fun things to try (Agility, tracking, search and rescue), but we need to pace ourselves- time and money are issues. As you all know, a busy AI Dog is a happy AI Dog!

I have had many breeds of dogs in my life, but I have NEVER had a breed that is this versatile! We sure have a good time.

I am considering getting a puppy in the spring. Not sure about that yet, but my husband is pushing for it. So, I thought I'd better get busy and see what dogs and people are out here... So, here I am.


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Posted 05 October 2009 - 09:43 AM

So sorry to hear about Sophie.

More on Immune-Mediated Thrombocytopenia.

You know, my nephew has Asberger's Syndrom, and there is much support for vaccinations being the cause, although they center more on the Mercury used to preserve the vaccine.

There is a terrific picture of Sophie and Fena on Kim's page--here.

I have another one, we'll be putting up soon, of you with the two of them, and several ribbons. It looks like she had a good life, and was happy.
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Posted 06 October 2009 - 06:51 AM

It is nice to meet you, Sheila, and my heartfelt sorrow at your Sophie's passing. We have talked our vet into only the basic Parvo shot and then his Rabies (which is required). Our vet is open to holistic treatments and has amazed us at his dedication to provide quality care for Soul.

Fena is a beautiful dog and so was Sophie. We are hoping to get Soul certified as a service dog, after he turns three. I work with at-risk kids within the school system and he is great with these kids. Last week he taught a little boy how to play "roll the ball" and it was great seeing this kid interact with Soul.

We are focusing on agility training and regular puppy training right now. He loves his nightly 2 mile walk with "Daddy" and as soon as the harness comes out he is raring to go!

I'm glad you are reconnecting! Once again - nice to meet you!
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