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#39379 Kim And Rusty Ready For A Thanksgiving Day Ride

Posted by Greg on 27 November 2016 - 08:18 PM

Quote from Kim La Flamme


On my Indian Drifter motorcycle with AIDog Rusty; “I’m ready, so let’s go” – Everytime he hears the bike start up he runs to his trailer now, he loves to ride.


Kim La Flamme ~ founder/trustee of the AIDog breed for over 45 years -- www.indiandogs.com

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#39073 Nakoma Is Now A Certified Search And Rescue Dog.

Posted by KeithCox on 15 October 2016 - 12:44 PM

This week Nakoma and I traveled from Pennsylvania to Tennessee for the International Police Working Dog Association Nationals for training and certification. We did not thing Nakoma was going to be able to test since he was the youngest and as a team the newest members of the association. I was going to follow behind another dog who was testing to experience how a test is ran and see other dogs work. Unfortunately this dog was unable to to pick up the scent so his test had to be called off. The master trainer turned to me and told me to get Nakoma, you are going to run this track. So I ran back to the truck and got Nakoma, without time to think about what we where about to do I scented Nakoma with the artical and he got right to work. After more then a mile long track in extreme dry and hot conditions we aridved to an open field by a river. Nakoma pulled me across the field to a tree line where he located the track layer, passing his first certification! A track over 6 hours old, over a mile long, through woods, fields and across roads and a creek. Nakoma just turned 2 last month, he was one of the younger dogs this week to certify by IPWDA. Being certified by a police K9 association Nakoma is now able to be deployed on searches. Nakoma was alcohol the most unique dog out of all the dogs and after watching him work everyone was asking about the breed and wanting to take pictures of him. I could not be more proud of Nakoma and could not be more happy I chose this breed! They are amazing dogs as You all know, just wanted to share our story with everyone.

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#38571 Sita To The Rescue!

Posted by Sri on 05 August 2016 - 08:15 PM

I had some experiences with Sita that I feel moved to share here.


Sita is very much her own dog, and it seems like she loves everybody.  We've gotten closer and closer over time, and this last week I was shown just how important I am to her in a way that melted my heart.


She is an able, if not particularly enthusiastic swimmer.  Mostly she likes to splash around where she can stand in water, but she has been willing to swim across a river if that is the way we are hiking together.  She does not swim for fun, not yet.


I was at a local swimming hole on the Mad River twice this week, and both times when I was in the water Sita would be pacing on the bank, clearly uncomfortable with me being fully submerged.  When I would come to the bank, she would run away from the river and motion for me to join her, like, "Get away from that water you are scaring me!"


3 times I swam for a long way underwater without coming up, happily frog kicking my way across the pool...and every time I did this, I would surface to see Sita swimming as fast as she could out into the water towards where I surfaced...she was coming to save me!  As soon as my head would pop up, she would head straight back for the shore, relieved.  I am feeling so loved and protected...Kim said once that these dogs would, if treated right, possibly give their lives for you.  What Sita was going to do with her 30 pound self to help me, I don't think she knew, but what I know is that she would have done all she could to make sure I was okay, and that means a whole heck of a lot.


Feeling awed and grateful about my little treasure of an AI dog 

#37710 Chepi's Journey

Posted by Felix on 13 May 2016 - 05:28 PM

So after a long long journey we are finally home and settling in. As I type this little Chep is sleeping in her crate after a long day of snuggles, piddles, naps and playing.

chepidj.jpg chepiyard.jpg littlechepi.jpg neffychepi.jpg neffychepi1.jpg sleepychepi.jpg

It was really interesting to go out and see the kennels after waiting so long to get a dog of my own (a couple years now). I have known my best friend's AI dog since she was a puppy herself, and we are very close. The whole trip just seemed surreal, especially knowing it was going to go by so fast. If you haven't been out that way before I can tell you it was worth it. I flew into to San Fransisco airport instead of flying direct to Oregon for a couple reasons. It was immensely cheaper, my friends live in SF, and I was dying to see the scenery on the way up.

Here are a couple views of the mountain you see on your way from Cali
Mountain1.jpg mountain.jpg

I took a few photos of the La Flamme grounds when I was pulling up, it really is beautiful there. This is the lake just up the road, the vineyard and some views around the property.

laflammelake.jpg laflammetree.jpg laflammevineyard.jpg

When I got there I was so excited I couldn't wait to see the puppies. Greg greeted me first and got us all washed up and clean to go see the kennels. He stayed late to meet me and answered all of my questions. I really appreciate that! Then Kim came out to greet me and I guess thats when it really felt real. I had been waiting for this moment so long I couldn't even think straight. He led me back and that when I saw her for the first time and she saw me. :)

chepigreg.jpg chepi.jpg

Little Bird her Momma was so excited, she gave lots of kisses and was very sweet. The other 2 puppies that were still there had their last bit of playtime with her while I walked around the property taking some pictures of the kennels. These two have first Little Bird with pups, Then Rowdy in the second. After that its some photos of the different kennels and beautiful dogs you can see out there. Mommalittlebird.jpg Rowdy.jpg prettyeyes.jpg pretty.jpg sittingpretty.jpg youngsters.jpg extra2.jpg girls.jpg girlss.jpg extra1.jpg extra.jpg boys.jpg

She slept almost the whole way except for stops where I took her to go piddle and wiped her paws off just in case. Very sweet to anyone she came in contact with. chepicar.jpg

Alright so after all that here is where I got a little nervous. When you are flying a pup in the cabin with you to go back home as a carry on, you get the pup and one other bag. You should make the reservation right when you are booking your tickets to make sure there is enough room for the pup. Airlines have a max amount of animals that can board on one flight. I flew with Amercian Airlines and it was 125$ for her to fly back with me which covered both flights. San Fran- Dallas - Pensacola I suggest you book flights with a longer layover so that you have time to take the puppy to a designated pet relief area. (And bring wipes to make sure you can keep their little puppy feet clean so they don't get sick)

The list of things I had with me goes as follows
Puppy Pads
Chew Toys
Flushable bags
Towel to put over kennel
Sherpa Carrier Medium ( http://www.amazon.co... carrier medium)
Bag of Puppy Food
Container to put food and water
Guaranteed On Board Sheet (This can be found online @ http://www.flygob.com in association with Sherpa Kennels to make it easier at check in. They will help you figure out what size limitations each airline has and will insure you if you are denied boarding because of your carrier)

When I was checking in the clerk told me if she got too loud and people complained they may deny my boarding. While puppies at this age do sleep a lot, it would be good to have the puppy out of the carrier until you board. I played with her for about 20 minutes then she fell asleep. I had already let her go #1 and 2 before we came to the airport, so I knew she was pretty good there. When she was asleep I put her in the carrier and set it on my lap so she knew I was close. Thankfully she slept through both flights until landing, (they're supposed to stay in the carrier the whole time, but once the plane had landed I took her out to comfort her and they didn't seem to mind) The only thing I would have changed was to have checked where the pet relief areas were beforehand and made a plan accordingly.

"Chepi is a ghost or fairy in the mythology of the Narragansett tribe of Native Americans from the Narragansett Bay region of Rhode Island, Connecticut, and eastern Massachusetts. Chepi is a spirit of the dead who shared knowledge with medicine people in dreams or visions. Chepi could be called upon by the "pawwaw" or medicine person, to destroy an enemy: An avenging entity." This name has a few variations on meaning, but our intention was to give her a native born name, and that this would be the equivalent of "fairy"

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#37403 April 2016

Posted by Allison on 14 April 2016 - 02:16 PM



Wily on Tumalo Mountain


Owner: A. O'Connor

Central Oregon

"When's he not chasing mountain bikes or climbing mountains,  he's chewing on sticks and sneaking up on couches."

#40263 Goodnight, Sweet Dreams..

Posted by Allison on 23 March 2017 - 12:48 PM


#40162 Nose X Flint (Winter 2017 Litter)

Posted by rickallen65 on 07 March 2017 - 12:43 PM

Are you kidding me.
Doesn't get any cuter.


#39314 November 2016

Posted by Allison on 13 November 2016 - 01:20 PM



Cree with Pups 1 day old

#38094 Meet Riddick

Posted by Rickstefani on 26 June 2016 - 06:09 PM

I was a great experience to go down and meet Greg and Kim.  The property is amazing and southern Oregon is beautiful.  Those dogs live with more room than a lot of my friends!.

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#43138 Fenris At 3 Years Old

Posted by Kodi on 28 May 2019 - 09:10 AM

Our boy is happy and healthy and enjoying life in sunny Florida. He has been going to dog agility classes at www.brattypaws.com for about 11 weeks now and is starting to get decent at it! I'll try to take some pics next time he's there. We get SOOO many comments and questions about him when we take him to Lowes, it's funny. He is such a great dog. 

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#43069 Expected Puppies For Spring 2019

Posted by Greg on 29 April 2019 - 08:03 PM

Because there have been several inquiries about upcoming litters, Kim has authorized me to announce the confirmed pregnancy of Little Bird X Redhawk. This litter is expected to arrive around the first of June so stay tuned.

SDK Little Bird.jpg           SDK Redhawk.jpg

             SDK Little Bird                                          SDK Redhawk

#42510 October 2018

Posted by Allison on 10 October 2018 - 11:07 AM




#42395 Mojave X Shep (Summer 2018 Litter)

Posted by Greg on 24 August 2018 - 08:23 PM

Kim La Flamme and Song Dog Kennels is happy to announce the arrival of a litter of puppies from SDK Mojave (Moe) X SDK Shep. This is the first litter for Moe as well as the first litter sired by Shep.  Moe and her pups are doing well.  Since it has been a while, and I am sure many are wanting to see puppy pictures, below is a rare photo of the litter just hours hold.  Moe was very happy to show them off.  Stay tuned for more information and pictures.


SDK MojaveMojave registration.jpg      SDK ShepShep_1.jpg      Puppies20180824_1.jpg

#41244 The Kyber Chronicles

Posted by Felix on 26 September 2017 - 03:33 PM

Hey guys! 'It's been really hectic here so I haven't been able to make as many updates as I would like but here's to Kybers journey as our second pup. I have to say I was very fortunate in this batch of pups, as the one I had my eyes on was chosen for us! Which is honestly just luck considering a picture doesn't tell you anything about personality really.

I'm going to give a quick rundown of the process for us this time like I did with Chepi. :) I had originally planned to fly out again but things in Florida have been crazy as many of you know, so we decided to have the pup shipped this time. Most of my communication was through Greg, who did a really amazing job keeping us up to date considering they had over THIRTY puppies this summer! We were looking for something more specific this time around when it comes to a puppy, and I am excited to see how he blends with Chepi. I love my baby girl dearly but she is intense when it comes to certain sounds and situations. We really wanted a pup who could stand by her side and give her more confidence. I do believe Kyber is lower energy than her (not by a lot, but enough that I feel will help her balance out). He is content to run around then come back to lay at my feet.

I started messaging Greg this time around because there was an announcement that they had enough puppies to go around, and we put our deposit down earlier this year. We started hashing out details on which airports would be best and eventually landed on New Orleans or Atlanta. The goal is to limit the amount of time the puppy has to be in the kennel but still within a reasonable distance of where we live.

Last time I flew out to get our puppy and I have a very detail recountment of how that went, if you are interested this is the thread here; http://www.iidoba.or...wtopic=3863&hl=

A couple weeks out from getting Kyber Greg sent us a message with a "prospective" puppy. What a tease right? Haha. It takes time for them to watch each pup interact and play to determine which one will go to each home with everyone having different requests.

This is the photo we received and I can tell you I was immediately in love. How could I not be? He's perfect! I'll be honest though, it wouldn't matter which puppy photo he sent 😂 They're all unique and perfect. So many pups to choose from this time around really gave everyone a great opportunity to get just the right pup.

It can be really nerve wracking getting your puppy flown to you, so I'm going to go over a few things to ease others minds. As am I writing this it was 150$ to get Kyber's health certificate and to pay for his crate and whatever else he may have needed to be prepared for the journey. This also includes Greg driving out an hour from the kennels to drop the puppy off in Medford. This does not include the cost of the flight which will of course vary by availbitly and distance. This go around to ship from Medford to New Orleans we paid about 280$, this is through a program called Pet Safe who shipped through United Airlnines Cargo. We received a call about 24 hours before the flight because airlines have a specific limit of how many live animals can be shipped per flight, and when you're making different connections this can be tricky. When you get your pup shipped you also get a tracking number that helps you log their journey so you can worry at least a little bit less! I was able to follow him all the way from Oregon to New Orleans just minutes before he was brought to us. Before sending our new pup on his way Greg sent us these pictures of him :) that way we would know what to look for in terms of his kennel etc
IMG_5619.JPG IMG_8844.JPG

We checked with the united airlines baggage claim to be sure we were in the right place and made sure we were there at least 40 minutes before the flight was originally scheduled. Which really worked out because the flight was definitely about 15 minutes or so early. Know that you will need a valid ID that matches the information you will give the kennels for shipment and the baggage claim will cross reference that and have a sheet for you to sign upon receiving your puppy.

We had been preparing for the puppy for a few weeks since I made contact with Kim and Greg so this time around we did things a little bit differently when it came to kennel training and instead opted for a playpen with a custom made grass run for Kyber. I chose to do it this way because when one uses puppy pads it teaches your dog it is alright to go on a flat surface in your house, with the sod it teaches your puppy that grass is the proper place to go. In the ideal world I would be able to take as much time off as I wanted to potty train but unfortunately I have my own business and must work about 6 hours or so a day. We built a shallow wooden box to house the sod, built to the exact shape of 4 pieces put together. The box was painted with a protective safe primer and lined with plastic to keep moisture. On the bottom we installed casters that are lockable because it is quite a large piece and I'd like to be a be able to move it on my wood floors without ruining them haha.
IMG_8842.JPG IMG_8841.JPG IMG_8847.JPG
He's doing really well with this training for the most part although if he wakes up alone sometimes he does cry but he is getting used to it. We place him in the playpen when he falls asleep or when he has calmed down enough and I feel he will fall asleep. I like to sit with him for a moment or two so he feels safe and calm and then I am able to go about my day. I have been trying to be in and out of the room so he knows I am there, and that way even if I am not home he knows I will be back.

We have had our first vet visit with Kyber and he is of course super healthy and growing well. Right now he weighs 9lbs which is already about 1/3 of Chepis weight ha! They are getting along well for the most part and I am enjoying helping them form a positive bond. We are really thankful for this new member of our family and looking forward to chronicling how he grows and becomes a handsome adult dog.
IMG_5586.JPG IMG_5662.JPG IMG_5714.JPG IMG_5693.JPG IMG_8834.JPG IMG_8832.JPG IMG_5628.JPG IMG_5635.JPG

#41178 Kaya At Nearly 4Mo Old! - Puppy Update

Posted by BeauThompson on 09 September 2017 - 08:20 AM

Alright first Puppy Update Post!


We were in contact with Kim about these wonderful dogs for over a year and finally got to meet our new little girl on July 8th of this year.

My fiance and I drove all the way out to Lake Selmac from Minnesota to attend Kim and Greg's annual gathering, meet other AID owners, and pickup our puppy.


The anticipation of meeting our new puppy made the first half of the drive go very fast.

Up until meeting all three little pups, we had no idea which puppy Kim had chosen for us.  However, when we first met Kim upon arrival, he assured me he had the perfect little girl picked out.

He kept it a surprise until we saw all the pups.  He pointed to little Kaya and said "I've been thinking that this is the one for you."


We were thrilled to meet our puppy!

We went into the enclosure and met all three little girls and their sweet mama Wendy.  Our little Kaya was definitely the most shy initially.

The other puppies were curious to see the humans that had entered their home.  Kaya was curious, but cautious.


After spending a good hour or more at Kim's home with Greg and other new friends, the time had come to take our little girl with us.

Kim gave us all the information we needed, and some puppy food.

We then returned to our little campsite we reserved at Lake Selmac and began to prepare for our first night as a family.

We put Kaya into her crate along with a towel we had used to play with Wendy and all the other puppies (so that she could still smell her littermates).

She cried for about 5min, so we went out for a potty break.  However, she just laid down in the woods.  So we returned to the crate for bed.

To my surprise, she slept from about 10pm - 5:30am with minimal whining.  She was an angel  (I think she was tired after having such a big day).


At 6:30am, we began our 2000+ mile journey home.

At 10am Kaya got a little restless so we stopped for our first potty break.

Remember, Kaya was a fresh puppy and Kim stressed that we needed to be careful about where we let her go to the bathroom due to Parvo risk.

That being said, we pulled over into a private driveway and Kaya had her first potty.

After lots of praise and a drink of water, we were back on the road.


From Lake Selmac we drove all the way to Missoula, Montana repeating the pattern of secluded potty breaks every 3 or 4 hours.

While driving, Kaya was an absolute angel and slept.  She hardly made any fuss at all.

We rented a hotel in Missoula and snuck Kaya in the side-door.  Mommy and Daddy really needed some sleep.

She cried in the kennel, so in order to remain incognito, Kaya had the run of the hotel room while we slept.

I woke up a few times to her playing, but she was relatively well behaved.


At 6:30 the next morning, we were back on the road.  16 hours to go.

Once again, Kaya mostly slept.  When she became restless or a little vocal, that was our cue to stop for a potty break.

We were so paranoid about finding her a secluded spot to potty.  We didn't want any chance of Parvo with our new baby.

After what seemed like an eternity, we pulled into our driveway at about 1am on July 11th.

Overall, the drive was long..  However, Kaya at just barely 8 weeks old, slept nearly the entire time.  We were so lucky to have her.

(Now when we ride in the car I tell her it won't be for 16 hours).


After getting home, our shy puppy was no longer shy..

She had lots of energy and loved to explore our house.

We went to the vet a few days later and got her started on her puppy vaccinations.


For the past two months, we've been doing our best to raise her right and keep her happy.  (Kim recommended a book by the Monks of New Skete).

She is such a great dog!  She's pretty funny about showing affection, and only really does it when she feels like it.

But once she feels like it, she licks, loves, and cuddles so much.

She never barks at other dogs or people, she is silent!  She will only bark initially when she goes in the crate when us humans leave for work.  She doesn't really like being alone, but she's getting better.

She is also very social, she loves to greet other dogs and people with a wagging tail.

In the dog-world, she is very submissive and never causes problems.  At home, she likes to challenge authority a bit.  (She gets a little mouthy when we tell her "no")


There is just so much to say about this special little puppy.

The American Indian Dogs are so special and we are so happy to have our little Kaya.

Everyday we work with her on training and are a better team each day.

She is so smart and I can't wait to see the things we do as a family together.

I can't thank Kim, Greg, and Song Dog Kennels enough for allowing Danielle and I to be part of the AI Dog Community.


Here are some pics of our Kaya (mostly chronological)

(hopefully they post - first try)


Kaya_FirstPic_4June17.png BabyKaya_14June17.png TheLitter_14June17.jpg Kaya_30June17.png Kaya_pickup_8July17 - Copy (600x800).jpg Kaya_pickup3 (600x800).jpg Kaya_ridehome_9July17 (600x800).jpg Kaya_ridehome2 (600x800).jpg Kaya_home_11July17 (800x600).jpg Kaya_firstbath_12July17 (600x800).jpg Kaya_firstbath2 (600x800).jpg IMG_5542 (600x800).jpg Kaya_nap_20July17 (800x600).jpg Kaya_playdate_29July17 (600x800).jpg Kaya_photoshoot_2Aug17 (600x800).jpg Kaya_photoshoot2 (600x800).jpg FB1 (640x800).jpg FB2 (800x532).jpg IMG_5604 (600x800).jpg IMG_5626 (600x800).jpg Kaya_nap_19Aug17 (800x600).jpg Kaya_10Aug17 (600x800).jpg Kaya_spoiled_31Aug17 (600x800).jpg Kaya_spoiled2 (600x800).jpg

#40655 Europe / American Indian Dogs

Posted by Allison on 22 May 2017 - 01:35 PM

Kim La Flamme and Song Dog Kennels are proud to announce the opening of "American Indian Dogs (SDK) Europe", run by Peter Jesenak and family of Switzerland. 


Peter has been apprenticing with Kim for 14 years.  He spent several seasons over several years, working alongside Kim at the ranch, and learning about the dogs. He will be following and has become very well versed on our natural selective, sustainable breeding program, passed down from our ancestors.  


This marks a much anticipated certified European breeder for our American Indian Dogs in Europe.  Peter looks forward to connecting with the AIDog pet owners to which we have shipped dogs in the past.  


Since the retirement of Sarah Harrison in Whales, and we stopped shipping pups, because of the quarantine hassles, we have been battling imposters and people using Kim's AIDog SDK website name and information to sell their fake Indian Dogs, but now all that is changed.   


The only true certified and recognized breeder in Europe is now American Indian Dogs (SDK) Europe, run by Peter Jesenak in Switzerland. We are very proud to be working with him and look forward to news and updates as Song Dog's newest Kennel starts its journey.



More here.

#40609 What Is New At Song Dog Kennels

Posted by Greg on 10 May 2017 - 08:30 AM

I just wanted to provide a short update to what is going on at Song Dog Kennels. We are slowly coming out of the miserable winter season we have had this year.  Sunny days are once again shining down on us here in southern Oregon.


We continue to make repairs and remove tree limbs which came crashing down during the winter from the weight of the heavy snows and winds.  The grass has turned green, the trees are getting their leaves, the fresh cut grass fills the air and the dogs are out playing and soaking up the sunshine.


A couple months ago, things seemed a bit overwhelming and Kim was not sure if we would be able to allow any breeding to occur during this clean-up and repair time.  Two young females, who have not been breed before, came into season.  Although there is still work to be done, and after serious discussions of where we were at in the clean-up efforts, Kim decided to allow the breeding of both these young ladies.


Kim has authorized me to announce the confirmation of two expecting litters and Kim is very excited about the breeding of these two females.  Stay tuned as these litters should arrive soon.  Just to keep you on the edge of your seats, we will announce who was bred to who when we announce the birth of the litter. 

#40599 Introducing Calcifer (+ A Whole Lot Of Photos)

Posted by Emmburr on 07 May 2017 - 02:42 PM

Hello! A little late getting to this but I'm finally, officially, introducing Calcifer to the forums. Calcifer is from the last litter (Winter '17) by Nose x Flint. To make up for introducing him so late I'm posting a boatload of photos! For anyone curious, his name comes from one of my favorite movies Howl's Moving Castle (a film by Miyazaki). We call him Cal or Calci for short. 


Cal is 4 months old, as of 2 days ago, and weighs in at 23-25 pounds. He was the smallest of the litter so I'm curious to see how he compares to his brothers and sisters. When we first got him, his eyes were super blue but now have some splashes of yellow and gray in them. It'll be fun to see what color his eyes settle on. My guess is it'll be yellow like his mom. His coloring hasn't changed much since I got him but very recently he's grown in some silver/white underfur running along his spine so I think he's going to change drastically in the next couple of weeks. I'm really excited for that! Here's him the first day compared to a few weeks ago.


first day eyes.jpg  halfonstump.jpg


I had Cal shipped all the way to me in New York. With the long flight and making a mess in the crate he wasn't very happy when I got him. But after a nap in the car he bounced back quickly and was ready to play when we got home.




We had a little trouble with the crate at first, he screamed and howled for hours. But after I made sure to crate him an hour everyday plus nights he now settles down pretty quickly with minimal whining. It really helped if I crated him when he was already asleep but that's not always necessary anymore. Here he is sleeping so innocently not confined. 


sleeping baby small.jpg


The only real problem I had with him was he would get these temper tantrums where he'd lash out at anything and anyone around him. He'd even bark right in my face. Though he never bit TOO hard it was definitely harder than play bites. He even drew blood with some scratches. I would use all the dominant holds with him. He would submit but then after I let go he'd be worse. After this happening a bunch of times I noticed a pattern. He only did this when he needed something, either to eat or poop or if he was tired. Once I got him what he needed he'd settle down and become sweet, happy Cal again. He hasn't had any in a while but during those first few episodes I felt like I'd gotten a demon instead of a puppy.


It also didn't help that I couldn't walk him or take him to the dog park that first month. So in order to socialize him I would take him to stores that allowed dogs and cart him around.




Cal is incredibly sweet. He loves being around (and on!) people. Sleeping on my lap was one of his favorite things to do. Now that he's a bit too big he likes to touch me while he sleeps. He'll still grab a toy and sit half on my lap to play with me. I wanted a cuddly dog so I'm over the moon about this.


Snapchat-132365296.jpg Snapchat-1741632055.jpg


In the second photo my brother wasn't feeling well and Cal went and sat next to him. The amazing thing was that usually Cal just wants to chew on my brother but I think he realized it wasn't the time to do that. 


As with the standard of this breed, Cal is whip smart. Not only does he know a few tricks he's getting concepts down as well. We've been working on eye contact (something I've found very hard to train with other dogs) and he's doing quite well! He looks me right in the eye when I have him wait for his food. After a bit of work on "leave it" I gotten him to leave a raw bone half in his mouth (of course I was holding the other end but it's a step from when I first started feeding him raw). With his sit-stays and "on!" commands he's become much easier to photograph!


stump sit.jpg tilt head.jpg


We started to take him to the dog park a few weeks ago and he gets so excited and happy over other dogs! He'll try to play with all the big dogs at the park (even when most ignore him). He has a few dog friends at the park now (and a lot of human admirers). We have a ton of fun there.  But his absolute favorite thing to do is hike. When we're on an empty trail I have him off leash and he loves exploring the woods. His recall is fairly good (but I make sure to have a high value treat with me) and will wait up if he goes too far. As someone who got a dog to specifically hike as much as possible, I am delighted at how at home he is in the woods. 


wet face small.jpg foot dog small.jpg situshikephoto.jpg beach small.jpg beach w molleigh small.jpg


Overall I feel incredibly lucky to get Cal. He compliments my personality so well. He is exactly what I wanted in a companion and I don't know what I'd do without him. I'm excited for all the adventures we're going to have! As promised here are a few more of my favorite pictures. They are more or less in chronological order! 


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  • baby in snow small.jpg
  • sassy.jpg
  • sleeping.jpg
  • soccer ball.jpg
  • stick in mouth.jpg
  • stick in mouth2.jpg
  • tounge out.jpg
  • Snapchat-1259640545.jpg
  • Snapchat-1269858993.jpg
  • good sit.jpg
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#39910 Xochitl Updates

Posted by Kuschel on 24 January 2017 - 11:02 AM


That was December.  How about now?  Xochitl is beautiful.  How do we pronounce that name?  Sho-kee-tle? Help!




It is Aztec and pronounced "Soh-chee". Or, if you want to put the "L stop", "Soh-cheel". :)


She is going through quite the leggy phase right now and I am excited to let her run full speed once she is completely up to date on shots (last one on Friday). Austin is a dog city and so taking her out and about is out of the question since all trails and sidewalks have an innumerable amount of pups on them and I'm paranoid. Almost there though! Being in the house is no longer "enough" for her and she is getting restless. But she is coming of age at a perfect time when our greenbelt is filled to the brim with water and the heat doesn't melt you while you're walking to the swimming hole. 


Her personality is sure coming out now and she is out of the Tasmanian Devil stage. While she does have her needle teeth still, she has learned to back off quite a bit. My husband no longer looks like he was mauled by a baby tiger all the time. ;) - I've been having a blast chatting with Zola's owner as the sisters are both rather rambunctious and I love to hear the stories. They also look so similar! 


We're starting puppy play classes and then going into obedience shortly thereafter. We have already had the talk of "when should we add another one to our pack"? - and decided to wait until she at least has her Canine Good Citizenship before adding another mini-monster to our household. <3


Here are some updated pics!

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#39405 Meet Xochitl!

Posted by Kuschel on 01 December 2016 - 03:33 PM

Xochitl - or "Soh-chee" or "Soh-cheel" - it means flower/feminine and strength in Aztec.


This lovely lady was such a trooper when we flew from Austin, picked her up in Selma, and then drove back home over a period of 4 days. She is the littermate of Zola and weighing in at 11.6lbs at 8 weeks today. 


It has been a while since we've had a puppy in the house and oh my is she a stubborn one. Shaun and I are learning patience and tough love all over again. I do have to give credit where it is due though. She knows sit, lay down, and sleeps in her kennel through the night. 


She went through her first shots and mild dewormer like a champ and our day looks like the following - crazy energy, chill time, nap, rinse repeat. She has definitely brought some life into our house. 


Xochitl cracks me up because her markings make it look like she is concerned looking all the time! 

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