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Zola Update

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Posted 12 May 2017 - 02:10 PM

I have a few recent photos to update on our happy pup Zola, almost 8 months old and 37 pounds. We just adore her sunny disposition and cheerful attitude. She is spunky and entertaining us constantly. Like Kim said when we got her, she is humble, sensitive, balanced and smart. She loves to cuddle, loves to run and be free, exploring our fenced half acre alone all the time while Max waits for one of us to go outside like the loyal border collie/kelpie he is. She ate an entire gopher except the head and one organ from a trap one day in about 15 minutes, her instinct to hunt and guard us is strong. She's a sentinel of course. (those ears!!) She is lucky to have me on an artist/designer/cultivator home schedule so we hit the woods or the beach twice a day most days. It's good for all of us, as I sit or hunch over and NEED to move as bad as they do. Happy dogs, happy humans.


The one issue we have is when people come over. Male or female, she loses her mind and never gets truly comfortable. I need to really work on people socialization, we are a bit too loner-ish in general as a household so I understand why but she hasn't grown out of panic barking the moment the gate opens for someone to come over. It takes a while to get her to stop barking, when she was smaller I crated her when she barked then let her out repeat till calm. Now I can get her to stop barking eventually but the initial reaction is nuts. Training isn't over.






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Posted 12 May 2017 - 05:19 PM

Love LOVE the photos!!!! How beautiful she is...Wyot is right behind her, as he just turned 7 months, and he is a lean 32 lbs...I love hearing updates!!!!  :)

#3 Allison



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Posted 25 May 2017 - 12:09 PM

Oh, those are great photos! 


I know what you mean about being loners.  I love it and never worry about it until I see them being overly excited with human guests.  Then I realize I have to invite people over more often.  NOOOOOOOO!


They never bark at the Wild Turkeys. with whom I have been trying to make friends; they are very polite and do not scare them at all.


That second picture, I see that look in my gal.  So demure, and hiding "the monster" for a moment.

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Posted 26 May 2017 - 06:50 AM

I know what you mean about barking when people come over......Two Step does that too.  Goes nuts.  So I put my hand on his back and say "I got it," or "enough."  He understands, and quiets after a couple more "remark barks."  Then he makes a deep low guttural sound, like he wants to let out that loud bark and trying his hardest to keep it in.   On the other hand, I KNOW that if someone were to hurt me in any way, he would be the one to be my protector.  Tolinka on the other hand is the one that lets me know we have a mountain lion or bob cat in the neighborhood.  The other day I heard commotion from Tolinka, I went to the hen house, and they were quiet.  I walked through their yard, and all of a sudden the hens panicked, flying and squawking. I looked up, and sure enough, 8 feet above my head in the tree was a bob cat the size of Rain.  The bob cat didn't have lunch that day.  Thank you Tolinka.  So I have learned to listen and watch.  The barking is annoying, however how else are they going to tell us that something is NOT good in their world within my garden.  

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