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Kitchee Is 6 Months!

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Posted 21 June 2018 - 03:37 AM

Just thought I'd update on our little guy, since he turned 6 months yesterday.- He's definitely melded into the family! He and Wyot have bonded really well, and have their play-roughhouse, chase, steal, roll around, stick, dig etc. routine down pat. Kitchee has grown quite a bit......and while Wyot has calmed down and LISTENS really well now, Kitchee is the opposite, LOL! Although he will come on recall most of the time when they are off leash, it is mostly because he won't be left behind, as Wyot comes to us immediately when called.

He's as smart as a whip, and is very treat oriented when training. He is VERY vocal....every morning, like clockwork, he starts barking at 5:30 am. from his crate. He hears us upstairs (the living room is still gated off- while they have lots of territory in the kitchen and mudroom/entry), and he barks and barks...I need to say WAIT...in order for him to stop for an interval. He's got these high pitched squeaks and squeals that he makes when he "speaks". Wyot is completely quiet now, except for a few whines every now and then, when he protests being behind "bars" while we are in the living room, or if he really needs to go out (he has re-learned the benefit of ringing the bell on the kitchen sliders to go out). Kitchee is a love, as is Wyot. They compete to lean against either one of us at the same time, so they get their petting...Wyot wins, being bigger, LOL! Little guy is an attention hog, a hoover when it comes to food, and one thing he does that Wyot never did, is stand up and scout out and steal from the kitchen countertops!! If we so much as leave a plate on the table after eating and walk away for a moment, he is up and licking it!! He knows he is doing something he shouldn't because he skulks away, ears back, those piercing blue eyes looking back at us sideways, while he hides under the table. I am working on that one, but it is hard when you are not in the room all the time. The spray bottle works...and while Wyot loves when I do silly things like blowing on his nose gently, Kitchee hates that, so it is my deterrent when I do not have the squirt bottle right at hand!

I swear sometimes that I have a little Tasmanian devil....when they wrestle -or rather, Kitchee throws himself on Wyot, both paws around his neck, nipping, his teeth looking as if he's going to gouge, Wyot gives it right back to him, albeit quietly...and then starts the growl back, all the time, tails wagging happily! When it is time to stop, Wyot lets him know, and paws him on the head, teeth on his neck, and then they happily plop on top of one another, resting, almost smiling, I'd swear!

Both of them are off leash 99 pct of the time, and are well behaved, listening quite well. We go to our favorite river beach on the creek, and Kitchee just follows Wyot into the water, swimming when needing to, since he is a bit shorter than his brother. Once they get to the other side, they run around the rocks, the bit of forest, and then go from person to person, getting love from them! We get people who say they really don't like dogs, saying they love our two!! Kitchee observed children playing, wanting to get in the mix, but knowing instinctively somehow, that he may topple them...Wyot finds other dogs and plays well with most. Going on hikes, they are both so much fun!!! They are truly great off leash, and both stop and check to see where we are if we are too slow. Wyot is still a bit nuts in the car, while Kitchee just lays down and passes out. After a hike, however, Wyot is a bit quieter. Here's hoping that gets better, and if not, we will try putting them in crates for longer rides. I cannot imagine our life without our two very different, amazing Indian dogs!!

PS- when I can, I will post pics. We are busy trying to get our house ready to sell, so we can move up the mountain, to our much bigger, quieter 10 acres! (we are building).

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