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Adding Photos To Your Post 2012

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Posted 22 June 2012 - 08:38 AM

This is a tutorial on how to add photos to your post.

1. you need to have the full editor open to add a photo. If you start a new topic, the full editor opens automatically.

To start a new topic:

Attached File  newtopic2.jpg   162.73K   8 downloads

Starting a new topic will give you the full editor window, which looks like this:

Attached File  fulleditor.jpg   159.94K   11 downloads

The arrow points to the "choose files" button which allows you to browse through your photos. When starting a new topic, you must add a title. The forum will prompt you, if you forget.

To reply to a post and add a photo:

When replying to a post, you get a condensed version of the editor, This saves time and space. If you want to add a photo, or some special bits, you will have to switch to the full editor by clicking on "More Reply Options", which will bring you back to the full editor:

Attached File  replying.jpg   62.94K   11 downloads

Now, from the full editor, click on choose files. A window will pop up, allowing you to go through your picture files. Double click on the one you want, and it will show at the bottom of the window:

Attached File  chosenpic.jpg   111.09K   16 downloads

In this last photo, you can see 4 of the photos I am using in this tutorial. So now they are on your editing window. You can chose to put them together, or space words between them, as I did here in this tutorial. When you are ready to add your photo, put your cursor where you want it and click on "Add to Post".

I will say a few words here, and now add my photo of my excellent frisbee dog:

Attached File  2637.JPG   173.32K   15 downloads

Note: You can attach all your pictures, and then write your post adding them in where you want. Or choose your photos, adding them as you go.
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