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Darmok 6 Months Old

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Posted 27 June 2017 - 06:07 PM

Darmok is now a little bit more than 6 months old.  It's a daily adventure watching him grow in to who I'm sure will be a very fine adult. 


He began wearing his Service Dog in Training vest a few days ago and we have had some very short but success trips in to grocery and other stores.  He is already tall enough to be a good service to me if I happen to loose my balance when we are walking. 


There's been a couple of times when we were walking in the woods that he frankly refused to move forward, I decided to listen to his instincts instead of mine and turned around and left the area. He didn't seem afraid just adamant that he was NOT going in the direction we were heading.  I'll never know what it was that made him act that way but whatever it was was significant enough for this fearless pup to say no f-ing way.


I'm taking him to the Vet in a few days for a  check up but as of today, his testicles still have not descended.  We keep hoping they will but will more than likely have to pay for the additional exploratory surgery to locate them so he can be neutered.   His adult teeth have grown in and his overbite it still very significant.  Though, he seems to have adapted to it well enough.  The Vet is also keeping an eye on how much the teeth push into the top of his mouth, but as of right now we are just watching.


Darmok is an excellent travelling companion in the car and we take a lot of mini road trips to random dog parks in the surrounding cities.  He is very social with other dogs and I'm very happy about that. 


His training is going very well and he knows many of the basic commands and does them now about 90% of the time the first time.  We are currently working on the steps for his Good Citizen Badge as well as layering in his service dog tasks.  He's very, very smart.


He is taller now and has discovered that if he stands on his hind legs he can reach and attempt to explore the kitchen counters.  Yean, no.


He's learned to stay right outside the kitchen when I'm cooking and is often rewarded with veggie scraps which he loves esp, sweet potatoes and parsley.


I have a lot of conversations with people about Darmok and the breed in general.  People are fascinated by him.  When he has his vest on though, I tell folks to ignore us and so far they have been respectful .  My amendment, that was signed into Law last month, goes into effect next week I think.  I'm going to start handing out info cards about that as well when folks stop to talk to us when he's in his vest.  Need to get the word out.


Darmok has been with me since he was 8 weeks old I think.  I love him and am really looking forward to many years with him as my companion and service animal.


Here's a short video of Darmok in a dogpark yesterday.



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Posted 28 June 2017 - 05:01 AM

Oh he is such a handsome boy! And that youtube video was adorable with his puppy bark and the digging. 


Glad to hear he is well on his way to becoming a great service dog for you. And congrats on getting your amendment into law!

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