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Important Info For Puppy Owners

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Posted 19 May 2007 - 07:18 AM

We try to keep everything as natural as possible, here at Song Dog Kennels , but it's very hard in this day and age. With all the canine health problems that are out there, and new ones evolving constantly, it is important for new owners to work with their vet, and keep to the scheduled worming and shots that all puppies need. Genetically, AIDogs are the healthiest, of any breed of canine in the world today, in both mind and body. However, this does not mean they are immune to all the normal canine diseases and parasites.

All puppy's, in all breeds, have worms. There are different types of worms more prone to different area's. The mild wormer only gets Round worms, it takes the harsher wormer to get Tape, Whip or Heart worms. So it's important to follow the schedule we recommend, to find out if your pup has the worms that require the stronger meds, so you can treat them after 12 weeks of age.

Most other breeders don't let there pups go out until they are over 10-12 weeks & they have already given their pups the harsh wormer anyway. Most other modern breeds, however, do not mature as fast as the primitive instinctual AIDogs as pups. We like to get pups to owners much younger than breeders of other breeds. Because of this we do not give them the harsh and poison wormer before they leave here at 6 to 8 weeks of age.

So again, we count on you, the new owners, to take responsibility for your pup's health, right away. So get that first puppy appointment with your vet, and keep to the schedule or to the variations that your vet recommends for your area, and for your pup.

We do not like to give the strong and harsh puppy wormer to our pups before they are at least 12 weeks old, as this harsh wormer can do more damage to a young pups intestines than the worms themselves can. Please do not allow your vet to give them the harsher wormer unless you are certain they have the worms that require this harsh wormer.

We do give them a mild puppy wormer called Strongid-T, every two weeks, from the time they are 2 weeks old. We advise all owners to continue with the mild wormer until their pups are at least 12 weeks of age, and depending on your vet's advice.

By the time owners pick up there pups, or we ship them, they have had there first set of puppy shots (7-Way with Parvo). Two to three weeks later your vet should be giving them their 2nd set of shots and continuing to worm them with the mild wormer every 2 weeks. At 12 weeks, then, pups should be checked for worms, and treated with the stronger wormer, “if necessary”.

We send a Puppy Health Instruction Sheet when we ship pups, and we try to make it clear to everyone who comes to the ranch, that their puppy's health will require extra attention, through the third set of shots. People are excited, as they should be, but unfortunately, they sometimes forget what we have told them about the worming, or the instructions get lost in the shuffle of picking up pups at the airport. This is also one good reason that we don't send the registration papers with pups, on the shipping crate.

So as part of our ongoing efforts to improve the process, we are now including this reference, with the following form, which you may download, and take with you to your vet. We are pleased to be able to drop the former yearly membership fees, and allow all owners of American Indian Dogs, full membership into the International Indian Dog Owners and Breeders Association (IIDOBA). Along with this one time charge for a lifetime membership when you purchase your pup, comes the use of the IIDOBA forum, where you may find answers to your questions about health issues, training, and new research, and where you can trade stories with other owners around the world.

So KEEP IN TOUCH, for our education as well as yours! It is important that we stay in touch, and remain aware of possible health issues, so that we may accomplish our goal of keeping the American Indian Dog healthy, long into the future, for the generations to come. Also, educated owners make the best teachers--you will meet many people who have never heard of our breed, and you will be asked many questions. So stay in touch, PLEASE!

Thank you,

Kim LaFlamme
President and Founder
American Indian Dog
International Indian Dog Owners and Breeders Association

IIDOBA page:

IIDOBA forums:



Recommended Schedule For American Indian Dog Pups


Pups are born

2wks old: First worming with "Strongid-T".

4wks old: Second worming with "Strongid-T".

6wks old: Third worming with "Strongid-T".

8 wks old:
  • Fourth worming with "Strongid-T",
  • First set of puppy shots using "7-way with Parvo".
  • Puppies go to new home!

**Within 2 weeks of receiving your pup, make an appointment for your puppy to meet your vet. Your vet will need to become acquainted with the breed, and is essential in maintaining the worming/shots schedule, and the health of your pup. Your vet will provide the second and third set of puppy shots. Usually vets advise people to keep their pups away from other dogs, and places where dogs frequent, such as dog parks, and rest areas, until the pups have had their third set of shots. I strongly agree with this.

2 weeks after receiving your pup: Worm with "Strongid-T", continuing every two weeks, until your pup is...

12 wks old:
  • Last worming with "Strongid-T".
  • Check pups for worms, and follow your vet's advice.

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