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March 2007 Tokayla

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Sorry Truus for mispelling your name--got it right, now.


Truus tells me that Tokayla means "Foxy" in the Lakota Language. Now that one leg extended, takes on a whole new meaning.

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nee, ik wist niet dat je kon reageren op de foto. maar tevens moet ik me schamen tokayla woont bij ons in de buurt . in het echt nog niet gezien. hij/zij lijkt wel veel op kaila.

met de wandeling denk ik dat het gaat lukken. en anders met racen.

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It's nice to see Tokayla being the dog of the month.

She did grow a lot since we've seen her the last time.

I hope we'll see you all at the walk the 25th so Baingana

can play with his sister again.


Marcel & Belinda.

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Cabiara your dog is absolutly georgious





She is lovely ;-)

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