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Shania X Tonto Summer 2020 Litter

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Kim La Flamme and Song Dog Kennels is excited to announce a new litter of six (6) pups from Shania X Tonto. Shania had four (4) males and two (2) females on 2 Sep 2020. Mom and pups are doing great.


Because we are still dealing with the shipping embargo, we are having to do things the same way we did with the previous litter. We will be reaching out immediately to identify who is ready for a pup from this litter. This has to be done because travel plans must to be made by new owners since we are still unable to ship pups. We will still do evaluations as normal and place the appropriate puppy with the appropriate owners who have committed to a pup from this litter. But please remember that unforeseen things do happen, especially during these times. That being said, there is always a chance someone might receive a call from me or Kim because a family had to cancel at the last moment.


We still have many more people on the waiting list than we have pups in this litter. We have made additional breedings and assuming everything goes well, we should have pups going to new homes throughout the remainder of this year.


I will be adding more pictures and updates as they grow so please check back often.


SDK Shania.jpg SDK Tonto.jpg

SDK Shania SDK Tonto

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Oh my gosh!! I was just telling my friend that I'd get a third if Shania had a litter. I adore her, plus she's my Kai's sister from a earlier litter. She is absolutely dreamy!

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Here are the little puppers at two weeks of age.


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