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Summer 2020 Litter Coming Soon

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Song Dog Kennels is happy to announce a confirmed pregnancy.


The litter from SDK Yazhi X SDK Anoki will be due about the 6th of August. Yazhi is a first-time mother and is doing well.


The anticipated date these pups will be ready to go to their new homes will be around the last week of September, at the earliest. This is being brought up now only for planning purposes and the dates, of course, are subject to change slightly.


For those on the waiting list who are planning to have a puppy shipped, please understand there is still a shipping hold in effect for all major airlines due to the Coronavirus with no anticipated date to lift the shipping holds.


We realize that it may be an inconvenience to drive or fly out to pick up a puppy but we hope that with enough planning time and knowledge of shipping cost, it may help in making a decision on shipping or coming out to pick up.


Previously, the airlines charged $300 or more shipping cost plus an additional $150 cost for required health certificate, crate and processing fees which brings the total shipping cost of a puppy to $450 or more. Airlines are still allowing pups as carry-on baggage and it appears as if there are some good deals to be had. Early booking may be cheap enough to consider a flight out.


Please realize, we do not know how many pups we will have available, the sex or the personality of the pups in this litter. We are only trying to plan ahead with the information we have.


You may want to look into contacting the airlines to inquire about flying out and a return flight with your puppy as carry-on. The closest airport is Medford, Oregon (1 hour 15 min drive). Portland, Oregon is the closest major airport (approx. 4-hour 30 min drive).


Please feel free to contact me or Kim to discuss the possibilities.


SDK Yazhi.jpg SDK Anoki.jpg

SDK Yazhi SDK Anoki

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There is nothing like a puppy to put a smile in your heart. Great news especially during these wonky times of this damn virus. Congrats SDK.

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