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I have not seen this topic on the forum but I am looking for your best home made recipes for when your dog rolls in that special something.


We went to Marquette for a few days and the wild things celebrated the dogs' departure with the most fowl, nasty, moist, disgusting poop/ pee/ scent marking right next to my driveway on the lawn. Caaaaaaake "found" it and before I knew it she had a brown swath from nose to chest. It wasn't skunk but it was poop infused with pee and some kind of radio active half life of 100000000 yyears funk gunk. OMG.


Out came the hose and the dog shampoo and trust me she was washed from the fire hydrant 3 X in the yard. The funk was imparted onto my pants and my husbands shorts/ shirt and leg. BLEH. I have yet to get the smell out of them even with allergen steam cycle and the steam cycle on the dryer. Cake almost had to sleep in the barn in a crate because she STUNK and had the magic of confirring the funk on others.


She got a 4th washing in the shower. Thanks to Da Covid all stores with dog de-funk cleaners were closed on a sunday at 8. Yay.


Still stunk wickedly and still had the wizard ability to apply said stink to others.


Into the crate she went while we consulted Lord Internet.


Finally she got a home made mixture of a table spoon of baking soda, (squirt) dish soap, lavender oil (a few drops), (tbl spn) coconut oil and dog shampoo applied, 15 minutes of "rest time" and a liberal rinse. The angels sang and she got to sleep in the bedroom.


So dear friends what is your favorite defunkification recipe that can be thrown together out of an ordinary kitchen?


I might add also laundry help because the shorts still stink and I don't really want to put coconut oil on them.


PS the horror of spell check has been fully unleashed on this post. Hope it makes sense now. koine boarf

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Yipe! Bet we all wish we knew exactly what Cake got into! Our skunk go-to is just the Dawn dish soap/hydrogen peroxide/baking soda bath. On a silly note, this spring Kaposia has taken up the sport of rolling on earthworms. Not horribly stinky or anything, but so funny to watch! Like she's been watching the robins or something. She'll sniff around the lawn, scratch the ground, then very delicately and carefully pull up an earthworm, toss it, and roll on it. (?)!

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Lake Girl I used the same "recipe" for skunk defunkification. My beloved Hawk was skunked 3 times over his 14.1/2 years. That combination worked great every time.

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Khya loves to roll around in GOOSE POOP. it must be the crack cocaine for dogs. she goes crazy.

Then it is a battle to get her into the bathroom for a washdown because GOOSE POOP reeks even when you wash it off


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This is truly a stinky topic with a sweet ending. Thank you Sherab for the recipe for "that something special." I have started a list of helpful hints for dogs.....This is #1.


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