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I thought I would share this article. Very interesting. Pics are great. A sister preserving the descendants of ancient horses. The article and then the link to Sacred Way Sanctuary.








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Thank you for such an interesting topic and link. I never knew there were curly haired horses. They're beautiful! Always interesting, too, researching our long lost genealogies, origins and migrations. Official academic history, family oral history...amazing how and why it can be so wrong. About 5 years ago I really became interested in my family history and took the "spit test." What I grew up being told and believing? Way wrong! The results helped me look in the right places for documentations, and sure enough, the pieces of the puzzle began to align with what the DNA revealed; Scandinavia, Great Britain, Iberia, Italy and Greece, (all places visited by raiding trading Vikings,) and only a tiny smidge of the German/West Europe that was always put forth as "ours." I was able to find birth, marriage, and baptism records, and ship's manifests that took me back to Denmark, but the key was the DNA. It was quite the surprise when the results came through. I find it fascinating that more and more, the DNA information for indigenous people de-bunks the land bridge theory.

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Aren't they gorgeous? I've been doing my own genealogy (adopted at birth) since 2000 -- before DNA. Found all on both sides. You're in Illinois? I'm in Capron in Boone County. Are we far apart?

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Northwest suburbs of Chicago. The genealogy is so interesting. I have one "brick wall" 3rd Great Grandmother that I can't trace back any farther, even with the aid of the Calhoun County Genealogy Society. I wonder about societies with no written records of census, or marriage, or birth, or that have different definitions of what constitutes "family." Our daughter-in-law has 25% Apache lineage, 25% other unknown Native American lineage, and 50% Anglo lineage. She doesn't seem terribly interested in genealogy, so I don't press the subject, but she did make the comment after seeing my research, that there was just nothing for her to go on...no photos, official records, etc. All of this is off topic of the dogs, of course, but really, when I watch our Kaposia I do wonder where she comes from thousands of years back. We still love her name, "Kaposia," but after living with her for 5 years and knowing her personality better, I may have named her "Trickster." She is so intelligent, and knows so many games to play with us! She can also be very "sneaky" when she wants something and we don't respond and get it right away. She finds a way to get OUR attention! I often wonder at her perfect design and beauty when I can just quietly watch her sleeping, just like I did with my human children, and I wonder about her ancestors.

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