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Hi all,

Our wild-at-heart Khya has a bad ear infection (diagnosed yesterday). Have antibiotic ear drops (Otomax) and ear wash.

It has come down to wrapping her like an AI burrito to clean with cotton pad, get drops in and massage gently.

Any advice / thoughts would be appreciated.

Have no idea how she got it. None of my previous dogs ever had one.

Thanks from -16 cold snap in Toronto


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Wow, haven't been on in a while, and so much goes on!! I hope Khya is doing better now, and that you survived the cold and the ear medicine administering, lol! If your girl is anything like my wild crazy Keechee, the talking that goes on (it's like he holds a conversation in an otherworldly language)! No amount of trying to hold him or tell him to be still to even put on a collar (Coyote hunting season, so on comes the orange!) is easy with Mr. Fidget! He wants to SEE what you are doing, so of course, it doesn't work...


He broke a nail 2 weeks ago, probably with his wild antics in the 10 inches of snow and fallen branches on the ground. He will sit on the frozen ground and chew a stick (nope, not so Wyot- you wouldn't catch him sitting in the snow!)...he will leap from the driveway over 5 steps straight to the front door like it was nothing. Had to cut his nail as it was painful, and now it is growing back. Maybe Khya got her ear wet? I know that my two stick their heads way into the snow to either try to get deer poop they know is under there, or to track mice that they hear scurrying under the snow.

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