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Is This Site In Europe Part Of "us"?

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Could you tell me if this known by the group?




I was communicating with embark about DNA testing and they stated they have a close relationship with this Indian dog site in Europe.


The page has Kim's name in it as well as the embark logo.


I just hadn't heard of this so wanted to check here.


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No, that website is in no way associated with Kim's dogs. I think they may have used some of Kim's dogs initially in their breeding program, but the dogs they have now look little to nothing like Kim's dogs so I'm guessing they've crossed lots of different things in. I've seen quite a few photos of the European "indian dogs" and they very often have obvious wolf content. There are quite a few breeders out there producing those dogs now in Europe.


This is the website for Kim's approved European breeder: https://www.indiandogs.ch/


I have had conversations with Embark about Kim's dogs and Embark told me that their DNA panels are just not broad enough to be able to give accurate results for our dogs. It was an interesting conversation and Embark echoed everything Kim has already told us about DNA testing this group of dogs.

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Thanks. I just made a comment letting embark know that that breeder doesn't appear to have been approved by Kim and that those dogs barely look like the actual breed and to contact Kim.

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I have no idea who this website belongs to , but there are several people in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium who claim to sell American Indian Dogs and these are also offered on the internet.

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