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Favorite Joint Supplements

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Hi all,


My girl, Aquene, is now 6.5 years old. How time flies! She has been super active all of her life, and she is starting to move a bit slower at certain times (such as when she begins walking after resting on the floor.) I'd like to get her started on a joint support supplement/program. She won't eat the classic chewable Glucosamine/Chondroitin with MSM tablet, Cosequin DS. If anyone has any tips or suggestions, including dietary considerations, please share! She's eating Blue Buffalo Wilderness salmon kibble with varied supplements, such as salmon oil.

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Hi there....a great addition to your girl's food is turmeric powder! Turmeric is safe for dogs, and is easy to sprinkle on their food. I always mix a bit of water with it to make it mix better, although my dogs lick the bowl clean ( I feed them Taste of the Wild dry dog food) regardless. You can make a paste of it and add it to baked goods as a treat for them. It is the cheapest and easiest remedy that is super effective for dogs and humans alike.


Another thing to consider, is many companies have CBD with turmeric or other anti inflammatory herbs included in a proprietary blend, for pets. Here is just one example:



If you are going to put turmeric into her food, always have a bit of fat (coconut oil is great) or even a bit of black pepper (which helps the absorption into the body).


Hope this helps a bit I am an herbalist, so it is not something I have just gotten information off of the internet. I also have read Juliette Baraclay Levy's books on how to raise dogs naturally- which you may want to get for great tips on how to help your dog in all stages of life. Good luck!

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I use Wholistic Pet Organics supplements for my dogs. One of my boys is 8 and the other is younger but has arthritis issues so I consider a good joint supplement to be very important for their health. I have heard many people say that this company's 'Run Free' supplement has done wonders for their older arthritic dogs so this is what I use on my arthritic boy. I use their 'Canine Complete Joint Mobility' as well for all 3 dogs as it is a good all around supplement and probiotic that also has joint aid benefits. Both supplements are a powder sprinkled over their food and none of my 3 even seem to notice it in their meals. It's pricey stuff, but the ingredients are excellent and the health benefits are worth it.



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May I suggest "Pill Pockets" by Greenies. They make pill taking a snap. The pups think it's a treat for them. Oh yummmm.

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I would just add to this the simplicity and goodness of a crock pot bone broth. Especially good if you put not just bones but also joints and cartilage in the pot. It's the only "table scrap" that is really good and can easily include herbs with water and fat.

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