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Darmok's First Teeth Cleaning Tomorrow Morning!

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Darmok is going to have his first teeth cleaning tomorrow morning. His vet, who has been with us since he was 6 months old, says it's time.


She will also be evaluating his overbite and the impact to the top of his mouth. One tooth has made a "dent" and she will be able to determine if it's anything to worry about.


I'll be taking Darmok in today for his semi annual med check, including heart worm test, and pre-cleaning exam.


Because he is a service dog the clinic does things a little differently for me which I really appreciate. They do the blood work the night before, the vet will take him on a quick tour behind the scenes and in the morning take us into an exam room, give him whatever that relaxing medicine is while I steady him, the vet then takes him immediately for the procedure and I collect him as he is waking up.


I'm actually really looking forward to his teeth being checked out and cleaned. I'm hopeful that the recommendation will be to continue to do nothing about his overbite. He's nearly 3 (OMG) now and I'm guessing his jaw/ teeth are pretty much done growing.


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Let us know the results. Time does fly! Seems like you just got Darmok yesterday and were asking the rest of us for photos of our pup's teeth. Nice to have a vet who makes everything so comfortable for you and Darmok. We changed vets last year after a bit of a falling out with our original one.

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The vet said that she's also looking forward to getting a better look at the top of his mouth. She also said that most dogs would've had at least 2 cleaning by now but that I've done a great job with his teeth. I'm opting to also get dental xrays done while he's out for a baseline of the overbite and canines. Just getting 4 views instead of a fullmouth 10 views.

I'll be taking him in in the morning and hopefully home a few hours later. Vet said probably 2 years between cleaning will be fine based on how well I'm doing with his teeth.


Darmok is still at a very lean muscular 50 pounds.

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Darmok is currently resting next to me on the couch. It's so strange to see him so out of it.


The vet will send me photos of Darmok's teeth in a couple of days and i'll post those here. In general, his right bottom cainine is rubbing on the inside of the top one and has made a dent in the roof of his mouth. Food gets trapped in there and more than likely causes discomfort to Darmok from time to time. She recommends that at some point, Darmok sees a dog Dentist. Darmok has one tooth that has three roots instead of two which makes it an odd shape but nothing to be concerned about at the moment. His enamel in general is thinner than most dogs so just need to keep up on cleaning. I'll reread the report and see if there's anything else of interest but those are the highlights.


Does anyone have info about Darmoks littermate brother? I'd like to know how his overbite is doing.


On a side note everyone at Banefield loves him.

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