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Seminole X Rusty - 2019 Summer Litter

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Kim La Flamme and Song Dog Kennels is happy to announce the arrival of a litter of puppies from SDK Seminole X SDK Rusty. Both Semi and Rusty are first time parents. Semi was nice enough to allow me to take a photograph of her and a few of her pups. At the time of this announcement, Semi was still having pups.


Stay tuned for updates and pictures.




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She looks tired. I still wouldn't want to challenge her.

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Wow! A six pack plus three. Way to go Semi and Rusty. First time out and you hit the jackpot. Congrats to all that are in line for one of these beautiful pups.

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She is such a beautiful girl...These pups are going to be gorgeous...& 2 "Spirit" pups...wow...Love the white...AND "Blues" too...what amazing colors in this litter...Such a good girl...Can't wait to see them grow up... :-)

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