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Bandai Puppy (Redhawk And Littlebird May 2019 Liter)

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We couldn’t be more smitten with our new addition from Redhawk and LittleBird.


Bandai (pronounced Bond-eye) has joined his two older fur brothers, Breuer, 11-year-old Dutch Shepherd, and Boulder, 10-year-old AI, at our home in Utah.


He was an absolute dream in the car and was only up long enough to play briefly before falling asleep again. Potty breaks were easier than I anticipated, and we arrived home with 0 accidents! I slept on the floor in the hotel next to him in a makeshift pen and he slept both nights without a peep until 5am when he would then start pawing and licking my face.


Boulder has been observing him from a distance and does a sing songy howl when Bandai is trying to play with him. In contrast, Breuer, is eager to have a playmate and he’ll chase Bandai until he retreats under the couch where he’ll bark loudly and wag his tail.


Boulder's instagram is https://www.instagram.com/boulder_ai_dog/?hl=enn for more pictures.


I'd love to follow other liter mates, if anyone else is on here :rolleyes:







Photo 2.jpg

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Quick check in at 12 weeks! Bandai got his 2nd set of vaccination last week and was terrified at the vet. So, I've been trying to get him out as much as we can. We do lots of car rides and went to Petco for treats and toys. He weighed in at 12 lbs and getting quite a bit darker on his back. My daughter calls him a "flip sequin" dog, since it's still light fur underneath.


Bandai has been developing unique relationships with everyone in the house.


With Breuer (our Dutchie), Bandai relentlessly attempts to play by biting him in the face and Breuer tolerates it so well. However, with Boulder (our AI), he's quick to correct, and Bandai will approach slowly and rear end first. It's the most adorable eager wiggle.


All three have been warming up to playing with toys together and Bandai follows his big brothers for food line up and potty breaks.


With the humans in the home, he's learning who gives him treats, car rides and how to play with each of us.


My favorite time with him has become our 5am potty time. I'll sit on our outdoor couch and he'll run as fast as he can after pottying and sit next to me, intently listening to all the noises, tilting his head from side to side. When there is a new sound, he'll look at me, like, "what is that? did you hear that?" After about 5 minutes, he'll lay his head on my lap, close his eyes, and I'll carry him back inside the house.


We love him lots.











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Sounds like a good time bonding that morning time. They grow up so fast!

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