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Birch Tar And Dogs

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Hi Guys,


Does anyone know anything about Birch Tar for topical treatment on dogs? I have found very little about it on the internet. One or two sites that recommend birch tar soap as a wash useful for getting rid of fleas. Naturally the tar is topical and already well diluted. All cautions per normal with the raw, undiluted tar.


The only Alarm site I found hyperventilates about how evil it must be because dogs trained in scent work using birch tar oil might go on to eat your mint chewing gum and die from the xilotol. or something. ok have to admit that warming is like a triple failure. First the dog has to be trained in scent work using the scent of birch tar (in one of several tubes) with food reward for proper alert, then the dog needs to decide that mint gum smells enough like birch tar that it will be very interested in it and then the dog has to eat the xilotol containing gum. Having a really hard time pinning all that on the birch tar. How about negligent gum leaving about? Is there really a causal connection between the tar and the mint? Did a statistically significant number the dogs trained thus go after mint gum of the mint verity and NO control group of untrained dogs ever show interested mint gum? ? I just watched a lab go after a banana. I sort of think any strong scent might attract a hyper food driven dog. I am certain this dog was also not banana scent trained.


So anyone know of anything? Grandma's favorite flea treatment? Old indigenous recipe? Or definite don't use?

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Somebody sent me an email telling me it was good for bug bites...

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I haven't heard about it being used as a modern bug deterrent, but I have watched a documentary about the peoples that live in the Siberian taiga and remember a section that demonstrated how they make tar to save themselves (and their dogs) from the biting insects.


I found it on Youtube, I will try to link it here. The section on the birch tar is short, but the documentary itself ('Happy People') is quite long and fascinating. Highly recommend it, particularly for the dog-human relationship aspect. Their working laikas remind me quite a bit of our AIdogs. They do mention that undiluted tar is dangerous though.


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