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Happy Birthday Raven X Newkim 2011 Litter!

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Time really flies, doesn't it? It's been 8 years (and 9.5 weeks) since I pulled this scraggly scrappy little pup out of his crate at the airport (all hopes of a fairy tale beginning soon dashed when he immediately ignored me in favor of the blowing leaves around my feet).


His puppy days were sweet but fleeting, for even at a young age his soul felt a thousand years old.


He is, without a doubt, the absolute best dog I have had or will ever have. He is the one I lean on when I myself need strength, impossibly calm in every situation. He is a benevolent leader of dogs - he neither submits nor dominates, but all respect him. His energy was crucial in helping me raise Rune to be the dog he is today.


His face is getting whiter, but all signs of aging stop right about there.


So Happy Birthday to Tamarack and his sister Willow (and any others from that litter that may be out there), may you have another 8 more in store - at least!









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Happy Birthday to Tamarack!

Love the Narrative of him. Well told and the pics that accompany it.


My favorite is the one of Tamarack standing up with the tree trunk!

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Happy birthday to Tamarack. I hope he had a bow wow day. He is a very handsome and dignified looking pup....... and you, Woodrat, take amazing photos. It's a pleasure to see the beauty in your talent. It's awesome.

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