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Aidog Smiles

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I noticed some recent conversation about AIDogs smiling. I thought is would be a great new topic and a place where we can see those great pictures of our smiling AIDogs. I will start off with my pack of Blue Bird, Anoki, Maddie and DeeKay (now in New Zealand). Anoki loves the camera but he does not like to smile for the camera.



Maddie, Blue Bird, DeeKay & Anoki.jpg

Maddie & DeeKay.jpg

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Ah yes, Rune is the king of the devilish grin. He's a good looking dog and he knows it!




Ever since he was a pup...



Tamarack is a little harder to catch on camera as he is quite stoic and serious, but his smile is equally as charming and all the more special because it's more rare.

demboysgreenery.jpg tbeachsmile.jpg


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Woodrat, that first pic of Rune is GREAT! These dogs are so beautiful, they make ME smile!

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Woodrat....those are wonderful photo shots.....worthy of dog of the month.

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