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Sasha has begun her dog agility career. She is a friendly girl with ideal dog manners as every dog is her friend! Her friend Teak was competing at the trial as well!

All those interested in starting dog agility with their American Indian Dog, please feel free to contact me at: j_padbury@yahoo.com or 503-680-2521. I can put you in touch with an agility organization in your area, as well as relate tips specifically related to training these dogs.


If you plan to attend the Gathering in Selma, OR this summer (see other post related to this event), and would like to try a little dog agility, I am happy to bring a few pieces of equipment to demonstrate and let everyone try it out.


Julie Padbury


IMG_2540_web size.jpg

Teak n Sasha -web version.jpg

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We have been doing it for over a year Zuni loves it- I hope we make it to the gathering so we can show off his skills and get a few tips!!


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So glad your coming to the gathering...Should be a blast...If you need help with any Agility stuff...we're bringing our Kayak & SUP so we'll have a small trailer.

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