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Hello Everyone,


Sorry it has been a little while since I last updated you on Nuttah. It has been a very busy few months on my end. Nuttah is doing very well and still in training, but learning more commands very quickly each day. Here is a quick video on some refresher training with the "Leave it Command" for Nuttah. I am attaching some photos as well separately because they are too large of a file size to fit on this post.

Nuttah is about one year and 3 months old now. He absolutely loves playing in the backyard and going for long hikes with me and my other two pups Ginger and Coco. Ginger and Nuttah are best of friends and look out for each other. They love to compete with the frisbee and the ball in the backyard. Nuttah and Ginger chase one another, and play this game of hide and seek. It's hilarious to watch because Nuttah is very vocal, and loves to "talk" while he plays. He is in the teen years now, so he tries to test me every so often, and while he does it he gives me the "song dog" wine LOL. It's hard not to laugh, but for the sake of training I don't. Nuttah is by far one of the best dogs my family and I have ever had, and we love him with all our hearts!! :)

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I agree with Miz Molly, great pics and very handsome pup.

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