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It's A Small World

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My bestie (Sharlene) and I were out hiking with our 3 dogs in the back country where we live in San Diego and we came upon some mountain bikers. From a bit of a distance one of them asked where our dogs were from, I replied "Oregon" and he said "Selma?" I started laughing and said " you know about Songdog!!" He told me that he is originally from Oregon and he just recently went to see Kim at Songdog and was wanting to get on the list. His friend has an AIdog and that's how he knows about them. Hopefully after meeting our boys this encounter inspires him even more to contact Kim and get on the list, I think it's a God thing that we crossed paths. He said he'd be in touch with Sharlene and I when he gets his pup. :)

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That's awesome! We were at the beach on New Year's Day and from a distance I saw a dog and thought "that's 95% an AI dog". I asked and sure enough she was! She looked like Rikki with brown eyes, and her name was Cheyenne. I am terrible for not getting a photo, but it was cool to accidentally run into another one after having her for only a month! Small world indeed.

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