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The Easter Bunny Came Early

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So, the other day I went to gather eggs from my hens. I had just gotten home from an extended vacation (3weeks). I found about 3 dozen eggs in the nesting boxes, and gathered them in a big black plastic pot, the kind plants come in. Brought them to the house, and set them on my deck. I got distracted and left them there all day. No worries, its been very cool here...so when I got back to them, I looked into the pot and there were about 6 eggs left and a few shells. In my mind I thought Two Step was the guilty one because he is my food junkie and will literally attempt eat almost anything from wood to a tube of oil paint.....yep he did that. So I figured that night we would all suffer from his gas. ha ha. The next afternoon, we were all playing ball, and Tolinka barked, like follow me, so I did. He took me to a place in the garden where there a few really old redwood stumps that are partially rotted and started pawing it. He is talking to me the whole time. I came over to take a look at what he was doing, and there under his paw, trying to dig it out, was an egg. He looked up at me like "Hey I found a treat......and proceeded to eat it, shell and all. I had to laugh cuz I now know what happened to the eggs.....Tolinka hid about 36 eggs somewhere in the garden..... his winter stash for when times get lean. Now keep in mind, they are all buried and hidden from sight. I wonder if Two Step will find any. I hope they are all gone before easter, otherwise they could get a bit stinky, attracting other critters, like raccoons. AND I certainly don't want the grandkids to find them on their Easter egg hunt in April. Gotta love the primitive instincts of these amazing canines.



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