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Darmok 18 Months Old (Already?)

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Darmok is now 18 months old and is really becoming an amazing companion and service dog for me. He has been in several levels of training classes and as of the 26th passed his Good Citizenship test! We are taking a break from training classes for a couple of months but will be adding on a couple of more in the Fall and Winter.


He is healthy and happy and I work very hard to keep him that way. His weight stays between 49 - 52 pounds. He has more toys than most children and an entire cabinet dedicated to a large variety of treats. He eats top of the line everything and the only people food he gets are vegetable scraps when I'm cooking dinner and frozen carrots or pumpkin puree on hot day.


We are preparing for hiking and camping now and he's in the process of getting used to wearing boots. OMG I can't believe I bought him boots BUT he hurt his foot last year and I just cannot risk him getting hurt again on whatever random sharp thing he might run across in the woods, beach or hot sidewalk. We will also be taking an 8000 mile road trip later this year so look for updates for Darmok and Elizabeth on the road.


His Veterinarian, who has been with him since the beginning, is impressed with how far he has come from the little wild Tasmanian devil dog that I first brought into her office. His overbite doesn't really impact him much and the Vet is keeping an eye on the dent that has developed in the roof of his month but is not recommending any treatment and probably won't as long as the "dent" stays stable.


He is "glued" to my side most of the time and the herding is strong with this one. He is far from the perfect lab service dog that so many people opt for but he does what I need and I really don't know what I'd do with a docile, compliant dog anyway. I really think that his strong will and the challenges that has given me has really been beneficial to me in the long run.


We have become an excellent team.

darmok top of stairs.htm.jpg

darmok in kitchen.htm.jpg

darmok in guest room.jpg

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Lol - poor guy. The photo with the service dog saddle bags was from the first time I put those on him. He looks so ...I'm not sure...concerned? Like a "WHAT did you just put on me THIS time?" Inside the saddle bags is his water, water bowl, poop bags and treats. He's so cute!

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That's great! Congrats Darmok on the CGC!


I agree they need a break from Training every now and then and totally understand the difference between a Lab service dog and these. :P


AI Dogs are not suited for all service tasks but DEFINATELY can perform!



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