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Hi all,

sorry for the delay. life got a little crazy. fractured my finger badly. son diagnosed with additional co-morbid disorders (Khya helps!), of course, work, etc.

Our Khya had a stubborn case of gardia followed by what the vet initially thought was a vag infection but eventually turned out to be crystals in the urine and PH way too high - too much protein.

No more pig ears, or salmon or duck.

Thank you to Greg for all my worried texts and calls.

Everything is back to normal now, thankfully. She's had final shots yesterday, and after the speech vet gave I fully expected her to pass out most of the afternoon. Nope. A little sleepy - maybe 20 minutes then back to her crazy puppy self.

One thing I wanted to mention was when I damaged my finger - fractured it - Khya immediately came around and was so gentle and was trying to sniff and even now because it is mangled - she knows I am hurt.

She sleeps well - no issues. Still have the banshee wailing in the car - but is it lessening. The vocalizations range from sounding like a chewabacca - to the coyote yips - to a cujo like throaty growl.

Issue with leash - spinning, pulling - jacking around.

When I put her in her crate for a time out recently, and had a towel covering it - i was working on laptop and out of the corner of my eye I see a paw stick out and she was trying to open the latch.


love her to the moon. she brought me a dead squirrel.



Khya kangaroo.jpg

khya sofa.jpg

42369223_IMG_20180312_134052_038 (388x800).jpg

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Hope you finger heals soon! It truly was a cold spring, and now it has gone straight to summer!!! Sorry to hear of Khya's troubles...that must have been very scary! Glad things are back to normal.They are intuitive, aren't they? I love how gentle Khya is with your finger...and WOW, she has grown!!!


We had our first weekend away from both dogs- they stayed with good friends, and I was REALLY worried...but they were both GREAT, and behaved impeccably, including sleeping through the night for them! WHEW.....but then again, these are pretty intelligent, incredible dogs that surprise us at every turn.


Hope summer is a wonderful time for you both with Khya!

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PS... how SO funny about the time out!!!!!! :D I used Kitchee's original shipping crate for his time out, so he couldn't really move around. Boy did he howl and bark and yip! But after 5 minutes, he stopped, at which point I let him out without looking at him. He hasn't merited a time out for a while now, LOL!!


Kitchee sleeps in the car, or plays- but I have Wyot who makes up for that when he whines and dives at cars :blink: . It has not abated, but perhaps a bit, because he is further away from us. Every time we turn a corner, however he starts this excited high pitched WHINEY howling (this is NEW)...and all I can guess is either he hates turns, or he knows it means we are getting to our destination and adventure begins (of course it doesn't as we are traveling back roads in our mountains...Yikes!!


Our dogs are off leash for the most part...but once on leash, attached to their harnesses for safety, they walk pretty well- I trained Wyot and Kitchee with a regular leash, so they couldn't just run on a retractable and control the situation. Now if I have to use a leash, the retractable, when it snaps to a stop at my bidding, it gets their attention and they do as I ask. It takes a bit of time and patience, though... Our funny, sensitive, loving and crazy pups!!!! :wub:

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ow. Sorry about your finger and the poops. Glad you have her on the right dietary track. She sounds wicked smart and with much to say on every subject. No, no personality there at all..

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