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Kai's Third Birthday

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I can't believe my boy is three today. These have been three fabulous years of knowing and loving this dog, this magnificent dog! When I was phone interviewing with Kim I asked him about the protectiveness of the AIdogs, I was wanting a dog that would protect my daughter when she was by herself with him but I didn't want an aggressive dog. Kim told me that these dogs are absolutely protective in a sound and stable way. For the first 2 years I couldn't imagine Kai being assertive at all, he was so sweet, shy and humble. Now, in his third year the he has matured into a perfect guardian, he monitors our yard and seems to place himself between us, his loved ones, and areas that could potentially bring danger :) I feel so safe and so deeply loved by this dog, and I know he feels our deep love for him. I imagine in a couple years my Jesse will mature as Kai did, but for now he's just a silly, funny, sweet one year old. I am so grateful and blessed to share my life with two of these PERFECT dogs! Thank you Kim for your lifetime of work in bringing them to us. Happy birthday Kai Matthew!

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Happy birthday Kai.....I know what you mean about being protective.....My 3 are very protective of me...my four legged guardians..... gentle, kind and loving......don't under estimate them in a time of threat and harm.... they will protect you. Been there. Magnificent, trustworthy canines.

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