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One Year Anniversary!

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A year ago today, I left songdog kennel with Darmok in my arms. It's been a wild rollercoaster ride of good and bad. There's been many times I've looked at this guy and thought WTF am I doing with such a high energy, highly intelligent, strong willed pup. Then I think wth would I do with a docile dog if I had one. Having him has certainly improved the quality of my life as well as my physical strength. I'm very curious about what this next 12 months will look like. He has learned multiple commands successfully which has included doing such things as letting me put my phone in his mouth and taking it to a friend across the house and putting it in his hand, stabilizing me going up the stairs, picking up the soap and putting it in my hand. I believe he will be an amazing service dog for me. On the flip side he still fights the leash when he gets overstimulated and hasn't quite gotten the concept of every passing dog is not his playdate but we are working on it. He is still young and I well am patient. I honestly can't imagine having more than one of these guys at a time but then again I'm training him to be a service dog. If he was just a pet, I might have a pack. They really are cool-ass dogs.

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The overstimulation issue gets easier between 1 and 2 years of age and then again especially after 3, at least for mine it did (and neutering helps it tremendously). Rune still has some issues with it and always will, but is much more easy to manage and doesn't lose his mind completely anymore (very often at least).


I used to think I only wanted one, and then I thought 2 was more than enough... but let me tell you, it's a slippery slope. If you're anything like me, once Darmok hits 3 and his training has reached a level where you can let your guard down and start to rely on him to do what you're expecting rather than making sure he does every time... you'll start to miss that level of dedication (obsession?). I'm starting to reach that point with Rune and the only solution I can think of is to add puppy #3 :lol:

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Wow, congrats, Elizabeth & Darmok!! It truly has been an amazing year...love hearing updates, and it's amazing what these dogs can learn in such a short time. I thought we were a one dog family...but, lo and behold, we have Kitchee that joined out pack a week ago tomorrow- and I can't imagine the household without two!!!!!


High energy on steroids is what Kitchee is, lol! He is well, a PUPPY!! :wub::P I am amazed at what it has done for Wyot in such a short time. He is an off leash dog, because we live in the country, and his recall is excellent (sometimes we need extra cajoling, but the high pitched whistle brings him trotting towards us and in every time. Now, he is a responsible older brother, and this is exactly the role he has slipped into! Instead of rocketing out the door now, he waits until the little one scoots on out and down the two steps, and then he goes- same when they go back in. He wants to be with us in the living room, where he used to be, hanging out at our feet under the coffee table...now, he tolerates that for 5 minutes, then wants over the gate to Kitchee's territory, which is the kitchen/entry - it is tiled, and quite large. He will be there until he is properly potty trained, and stops chewing the side of rugs. Wyot used to taco roll himself into a rug, which cracked us up...Kitchee just drags it along- needless to say, there is only one rug in the kitchen, and this is where he is trained (squirted with water and a NO) not to chew on the ends.


Wyot is now a calm dog, LOL!!! Out in the field, he is his bouncy, greyhound running jackrabbit self, fetching sticks, digging furiously, and coming to me with the happy face and glowing eyes I know so well, waiting for a treat. Now, coming in, I try to give a treat to both, but Wyot refuses, and lets me give Kitchee the treat, and then they both turn and walk away to play. Amazing, I'd say!


Can't wait to hear of more Darmok adventures. So glad he is an amazing help to you!

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