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Amazed Again

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We're having a bit of a thaw this week, and nature is on the move. Tonight (completely dark outside) and Kaposia set up a barking and growling and headed for her observation post in the front dining room window. She sounded like she meant business, not just barking at a passing dog or pedestrian, so I went to see what was up. An opossum came scurrying from our neighbor's front yard, up our front sidewalk and into what looks like a freshly dug burrow under our front porch slab. Now, when she first set up the alert, that opossum had to be at least 40 feet away from our house, and how much noise does a scurrying possum make, really? How do these dogs sense stuff like that? Good dog!!! Now we have to figure out how to get rid of the possum. I only hope it's under the slab only and hasn't gotten in to the crawl space. UGH!

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Updates on the Possum? Hopefully he has not taken up residence in the crawl space! Good Kaposia! :)

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Have checked around the concrete slab several times...no burrow. I think maybe the possum was just running along as close to the building as possible for safety. We do have a large wood pile in back, could be any number of critters in there. We have so many opossums around here. Several times they've gotten into the garage and taken up residence. Skunks, possums, rabbits, squirrels and raccoons, our neighborhood has plenty. Coyotes too, but I think the fact that most back yards are fenced keeps them from feasting on what finds a home in the back yards. Our neighbor's currently have a pair of peregrine falcons nesting in a large pine tree. All this fun in a busy suburban neighborhood. Nature finds a way.

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Mo's sense of smell and instinct are really remarkable. I have been around hunting dogs my whole life and have had a couple of good ones over the years and have been amazed watching really great dogs point, flush, retrieve, and/or track. I do not recall seeing a better nose than Mo's. We came to realize quickly that when Mo perks up we look where he's looking because something is always there just out of sight. It took him about 3 seconds to figure out my boy was searching for a downed dove, get into the scrub, and come out with it. So, he had the tracking/retrieving part down pat while still in the womb. We're looking forward to seeing about this underwater "hunting" thing we've read about. If he goes under when it warms up and comes up with a fish I'll stop buying baits and sell tickets! Lol.

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