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"To AIDog owners throughout the world –


Here’s hoping 2018 is a little less stressful than this last year has been, on each of us, our dogs, the country & the planet! With all the younger new “combination” bloodlines coming up as breeders, we will be retiring more of the older breeders in our breeding program this year. So anyone that already has an AIDog might think about adopting / bringing one of our elder dogs into your pack.


We had a fun gathering this last year, thanks to Greg’s organizing skills, all the help from owners & those giving training, agility & tracking demonstrations. Plus those creating T-shirts now for owners to brag about; “what breed there dog is”, to those passersby, asking questions & how to learn more … (those should be available now through the forum) … we also have business cards on the forum for people to print off, to pass out.


Thanks again to all the AIDog owners out there helping with marketing & promoting the dogs in so many directions, web sites & forum pix & articles … from proper training, educating the public in sustainable breeding practices & what all a healthy smart, versatile dog can be with its family / pack. Thanks to all for giving your AIDogs a great happy home & educating the public about our special dogs.




Kim La Flamme ~ Founder/Trustee of the AIDog breed for over 50 years - www.indiandogs.com

AIDog Owner's Forum - http://www.iidoba.org/forums/index.php?app=uportal541-597-2871 "

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I will start a separate post about the T-shirts soon. First I would like to give credit to Tervlab who took on the task of having the T-shirts made up. Kim provided the artwork and Tervlab ran with it. Here are pictures of the front and back of the T-shirt. The T-shirt post will have all the specifics and details.

T-shirt Front.jpg T-shirt Back.jpg

Front Back


As for the business cards, here is the link. You will need to get printable business card paper for you printer.



Edited by Greg
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Happy New Year to you, Kim, and your families. We are looking forward to a great New Year here in TX with our new companion, Mo. He's doing great at 5 months old and is representing the breed in all the ways you guys hope for as he meets the Hill Country community. We must've given out the link to Song Dog Kennels 20 times already. He really attracts a crowd at Tractor Supply! Again, all our best for 2018.



Ed, Lori, and Eddie Flemma

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