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Sage X Tonto (Winter 2017 Litter)

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I just want to express my thanks & gratitude to Kim and Greg for all their hard work and in the selection/assessment process. Everyone who has met Khya to date (in the past 48 hours) from my long-standing dogwalker, groomer, vet, people and staff at our local Canadian Tire - everyone says how sweet natured she is. How alert. My vet is head over heels and is impressed with the breed (he did the research I sent him on Song Dog).

She will alert (yip/howl) when its time to go out (except for the morning - when I go wake her up.

Fascinated by the outdoors.

One thing I forgot to mention - when my son first picked her up out of the travel crate - he smelled her & said "she smells like up north"

Had to laugh. From Oregon to North York, Ontario. I believe this is our perfect girl.

Nia:wen Kim


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We are so very happy with our new little girl, who after many name choices that did not work, is named Sophie. She is blending into our family with no hitches. She mauls and rolls on the floor with our 15 lb cat, Sam and he seems to enjoy it as much as she does. Our other younger and smaller cat, Hannah, is still a little wary and escapes to the top of her cat tree often. Sophie lets us know when she needs to potty - we have had only 2 mishaps when she was just too distracted by play to make it outside in time. She does love to chew on us but is learning that is not a desirable activity when we give her a firm "no” and she stops and looks into our eyes with a tilted head. Then we reward her with a chew toy that she willingly accepts. She loves all of her toys and unfailingly returns them to her bed when she is finished with them. We gave her a couple new ones yesterday and she ran imediately to her bed with them. She eats well - we did move the cat food out of her reach. In her defense though, Hannah loved the goats milk and kept eating Sophie's food so why should she not eat Hannah's food? We have already been to our vet for her first round of shots and the vet loved her. She wanted a copy of the puppy instruction sheet that Kim gave us because she was so impressed with the thorough information. Everyone who has met her asks what kind of dog she is and where we got her. We will add videos/photos later.



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Welcome, Sophie!!! It is so wonderful to see all of Kitchee's siblings and their families posting updates, and knowing all their names: Kitchee, Khya, Haru, and now Sophie! Are we missing one? This is awesome! :)


I am so very respectful of this whole process of Kim's in choosing our pups for us...the first time we applied for an AI dog, it impressed us greatly, and this time, there are no words- except PERFECT MATCH! These pups are amazing, and everyone that crosses our path, dog owners of other breeds included, are simply dazzled and in love with every aspect of our AI dogs- their looks, their personalities and smartness.


Thank you Kim, thank you Song Dog and everyone else that help make our family/packs complete!!!

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Sophie dad is Tonto. She is almost a year old and best companion we have ever had.

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I thought i was attaching a photo but for some reason it didn't work.

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Kadar, here is the tutorial on attaching photos:




If you need any more help, click on my picture, and send me a message.

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Thank You Allison! I will give the tutorial a try.

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