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Wyot Is One Year Old Today!!!!

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How time flies!!! We've had the BEST year with the smartest, most wonderful dog I think I've ever owned! Thank you Kim for keeping this breed going, and for the wonderful work you do...I wonder how his littermates are doing...Happy Birthday to all of them! :):wub:


Wyot is independent, yet yearns to be part of the pack wherever he goes. He is humble, whereas he always demurs to other dogs, not dominating play- he tries to start, but figures out the dog's willingness to go along or not, and whether they are friendly or not. He LOVES to play, runs and leaps like the wind, enjoys car rides (knowing adventures like hiking are coming), runs through the river, swimming to follow us across when need be, chases squirrels and chipmunks, waits in the kitchen with an adoring look at whatever either one of us is chopping up for meals, hoping he will get some of it. He has manners, and if he pushes, it takes a moment or two to have him correct the wrong....he sings when I ask, playing a few tones on a xylophone type instrument, howling along with me, and singing on when I say sing more!

He is a cuddlebug, letting me know when I've been reading in my chair for too long, by sticking his face on my lap, with the CUTEST look, and keeps nosing me under the arm, to have me hug and pet him.


He was a comfort to my 94 year old mom who passed away here at home this June...he would check on her by propping his head on the gate to her room, and she would always ask "how's Wyot?"....and then saw him sitting there, watching over her, making her smile, making her last days here a joy.


We are looking forward to many years of amazing adventures with our Wyot, and are grateful he came into our lives. I can't imagine our house without him! :wub:


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Happy Birthday, Wyot! Your description of Wyot is so resonant with our Kaposia's ways, and I'm sure with so many others on this forum. Thank you to Kim indeed for keeping these dogs among us! Sympathies also on the passing of your mom, sounds like she was loved and cared for very well, and Wyot helped.

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