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The Modern Dog Trainer On Primitive Dog Breeds

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I found this by accident on the World Wide Web.


She is NOT talking about AI Dogs and yet her 5 tips are worth the font they are typed in!



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I agree with her completely about not pushing many of those dog breeds, chows, shar-pei, shibas, akitas... I'm a groomer and I can attest that if they're not willing to do what you're asking they will protest with teeth! They will not be pushed. I won't even take many of those larger breeds into my shop as it is dangerous handling them and very unkind to the dog. Norwegian elkhound are extremely sweet like our AI dogs. Shibas won't necessarily bite but they will howl and go into a crocodile roll, LOL.

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The writer of this article is in my Facebook group and on my friends list :) They also havenan9ther website called www.couchwolves.com

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