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Waiting List For The 2017 Summer Puppies

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I flew December 2016 with my baby girl, Mishe Mokwa. We flew from Portland, OR to Detroit, MI on Delta. I think I paid $100.00 to have her as my carry on. She had to be in a pet carrier that fits under the seat. Delta requires pups be 10 weeks old. Mishe Mokwa was only 9 weeks. I had a moment of panic that the Delta attendant wouldn't let us fly. I begged 'Tis the season' and he gave me my boarding pass. That was the worse of it. Mishe Mokwa was an angle. No accidents, no whining or crying, absolutely perfect. I'd definitely fly again with a pup. Just double check the airline requirements. (I had checked Delta's but over looked 10 weeks old). I brought pads ( didn't use them), 2 baby receiving blankets, dog toy stuffed bear, chewing puppy bone, puppy snacks, collapsable bowl for water, collar, leash, and airport approved carrier. Hope that helps.

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