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Trupanion Pet Insurance And Native American Indian Dog

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I recently bought Darmok medical insurance with Trupanion. I noted that they have Native American lnidan Dog in their Breed List but not American Indian Dog. I spoke with one of their representives last month about having American Indian Dog listed as well as looking into whether they are sure about listing Native American Indian Dog (thinking they might just have the two confused as so many people do). I spoke with another representive today and nothing has been changed as of yet. The representive I spoke to today is going to speak to her manager about this issue as well as show the manger the http://www.indiandogs.com/ especially about the CAUTION concerning the NAID dogs. I also asked her to look into if Trupainon does intend to insure wolf hybrids which are illegal in several States. I'll keep you all updated on the progress.





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