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I've had the most interesting dreams lately. Probably because I'm waiting in great anticipation of my puppy.


The one that happened about a week ago, I had my new puppy but I was freaking out having trouble training her. I just couldn't seem to remember any of the things I had read, and then on top of that she got away! I woke up, thought about it, and laughed at my already over-anxious parental worries :P



However, last night I had the most beautiful dream. I was out in the woods with some friends. We were hiking at night and in the distance there was a large bonfire. The people around the bonfire started singing and despite the distance I could hear it very clearly. It sounded like an Indian tribal song (or at least what my mind interprets as a tribal song). And then strangely I started singing with them. I had never heard anything that sounded like that song before, but I knew all the words and pitches for the song and was singing with them. In my dream it was this absolutely beautiful moment as I realized I was apart of that. I wish I could remember the song; it reminded me of water. Like a clear river, running gently downstream.


Anyway, my overactive imagination is running away with me as I wait for my puppy. So much possibility and potential ahead. :rolleyes:

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Wow, what a NICE dream! Waiting for your turn, however much we think it is the agony of anticipation, is actually an awesome time, giving us prep time, much like when a mother is pregnant! Then when you get "the call", and pick up your pup, it's better than you ever imagined!

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