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Update Fenris At 1 Year

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Well folks it has been a bit since i have updated or posted. We have been fairly busy with a move.

We have moved out of Washington state and moved to The SW of Florida. (3400 mile drive with 2 dogs and 2 cats, and a travel trailer). So Denise and Felix (any others?) there is one more AI dog here in FL. maybe we should have a Small get together at some point.


Here is Fenris's favorite Riding position on the way to FL.



Fenris learning how to Camp (Campground in Navarre FL) this was Day 6 of the drive.



Finally Fenris getting used to his new Surroundings.

Here he is standing guard over the Pool and SPA.



he has come quite a ways from where he started:



He still have not tried swimming in the pool but I suspect he will at some point.

We have him enrolled in Doggy day care so he can play with other dogs while we work.

There is also a Dog park just a few blocks from us.



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You were in Navarre?! That is so close to me!

I would love to have a get together :)

we are in Pensacola which is about 35 mins west of there.


Where are you now?


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We are now in Port Charlotte.


Navarre was just a stop along the way. we did spend an extra day there just recouping from 6 days of Non stop travel and then went on from there to our home here in Port Charlotte.

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That's pretty far away from up but I think you are relatively close to Denise.

I wouldn't mind a meetup in Orlando one day :)

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I think Port Charlotte is just above Sarasota on the west coast (off I-75)

or below it??????


Chris you are probably about halfway in between Felix and I (and my sister).

OK, I looked it up and Port Charlotte is above FT Myers and below Sarasota.


It would take 8 hours for Felix to get to your place and I am closer (even though on the East Coast)

about 3 hours away - I would go across Alligator Alley and up 75 to Port Charlotte.


Maybe we could have mini-reunions from time to time!


Also, I have heard of a dog beach that is in Naples (south of Alligator Alley) - I am hoping to get over to that as a day trip some weekend this summer ....

but we have to watch the sand - it gets REAL hot mid afternoons on the East Coast at least.


There are probably more on the West Coast. ;)


Felix I wish it was closer for you so we could all get the dogs together a lot!

Florida is just sooooo long! :o


There is another AI Dog (I met him and his family when Tayamni was almost 5 months old) they live down near Key West.

The AI Dog is Keme and his father is the same as Tayamni although he is a few years older.

I haven't seen them post on the forum in a year or so. :unsure:


I am busy through June and you are probably settling in.

Hmmmm, I'll have to bring my computer on my trip .... maybe we can stop in at the end of my sabbatical/praycation!

Maybe this will be the how many AI Dogs can we meet up with while traveling year .....


If not then, YES SOMETIME!!!!!!!! :) We are pretty close and I would love to get the AI Dogs together to play!


Denise & Tayamni

Kelli & Coffey (aka Jr. Mint) aka 'Little Guy' now that he's almost 2 yrs old and still 36 pounds of raw energy!!!!!









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Oh and he has gorgeous eyes!!!!!! Love that picture of him looking (the campground pic)!


His norse name fits him! yes?

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yeah his norse name fits him fairly well.


I know we are planning on going back to that RV camp site in Navarre, at some point so when we do maybe we can Get together then Felix.

Denise we are also planning trips to the keys which takes us right by your side.


Maybe we can find a place centrally located and all meet up too.



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There are dog parks and swim parks all over the county here. (Some better than others).

There even is a camping park across the street from the dog park I go to regularly. It allows dogs on leash and there is a mile walking trail around the park (it's surrounded by trees and vegetation).



The Keys are awesome. I really should take advantage of them. Al my family now lives north of me - so I just don't think about traveling further south anymore ..... :blink:

I went to one doggie beach in the keys, just north of Key West and there is also Higgs Park in Key West (I haven't been to that one) and I heard of another around Islamorada somewhere, Anne's Beach. There are a few pet friendly beaches on Islamorada. There is one in Marathon also. Ahh the Keys .....


I REALLY have to get back there myself - Especially since there are dog beaches at the top and middle of the Keys! Only a couple hours away! Shame on me :wacko:. Driving through all the keys is slower 3 - 4 hours depending on traffic. So Key West Day trips are out but Islamorada is doable (2 - 2.5 hrs one way for me - that's like going over to Bonita Springs for the dog beach, 8800 Estero Boulevard, Ft Myers?).



A picnic at Anne's Beach sounds sooooo nice!




Anne's Beach, Islamorada Florida.jpg

Annes Beach - dogs havn fun.JPG

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