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Aidogs Around Central Texas

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I would love for Xochitl to play and meet any other AIDogs in the area (Austin, Texas) - but not sure how many people are around Central Texas. I know there are a few and I know there are some in the Dallas area but thought that I would put feelers out.


* wave *

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I am in Lampassas every June but the dogs stay up in Dallas visiting with Boone & Houston while I'm at this ceremony.


Sometimes we pass back through Austin but I have an Elder to visit after ceremony this year.

Maybe next year? I do want my sister to experience the Bat Bridge in all it's glory.


Hopefully someone in Central or Northern Texas will contact you.

I have read a good amount of puppy deliveries to Texas (at least more than Florida).


mini gatherings and playdates for AI Dogs are really great!!!!!!


Good luck!

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I live in College Station. I don't have my puppy yet, but I should hopefully receive her around January. I would be very interested in get togethers once she has her vaccinations!

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