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Wyot's Kayak Adventure

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Yesterday was an amazing summer like day, and we took advantage of that to the max! Wyot turned 6 months yesterday, and he spent it in a most excellent way. It was 78 degrees yesterday, here in the mountains of NY state. We decided to throw our kayak into the truck, and go explore our swimming hole just 3 miles down the road from us, especially before the tourists come this summer. It is a beautiful river side beach area (which thanks to hurricane Irene in 2011, has turned into a sandy stretch of river, wide and open). It usually runs at a lazy clip, enabling us to swim in crystal clear water, deep in a few places, to hear the shallow rapids down river. A majestic eagle comes to visit almost every day, mostly when there are few people, a nest not too far away.


Upon unloading, Wyot knew something different was happening;, we needed to secure him to a tree, and he patiently watched as we readied the boat on the shore. We used only mine, as the river was running too fast, and was wider than it is during the summer once the spring runoff is done. An extra long rope is attached to the boat, so once one of us paddled across, the boat would be pulled back, and then hubby would paddle over. We do this every year, as winter throws a whole new bunch of things to explore- trees downed, new twists to the river, a deep water hole that has formed, and loads of beautiful river wood. There are also many rocks that have tons of fossils that are over 30 million years old, as the Catskills used to be a seabed, believe it or not! We have found many rocks that have seashells embedded...


So, here we were...I got into the kayak, and the big test was Wyot sitting in between my legs in the cockpit, as I paddled across, trying not to drift too far down the fast current, while hubby held the rope. Now, for a while, Wyot was not sure of the river. We have a stream by our house (mostly wooded, which makes it difficult to walk on), but the banks are steep, except for right by the house, and that is where he runs back and forth for a bit, listening to the rushing water, putting a paw in, then drawing back, unsure. He didn't like the water, because playing with his doggie friend who just plowed into the water, he'd avoid it, jumping amazingly gracefully OVER the water to get to the other side, lol!! So, I thought for sure, he would start panicking in the boat...I was prepared to go in the water, so our bags didn't go across with me....BUT, amazingly, he stayed put, only once did I have to pull his front paws back in! He LOVED it!!! We made it across, he jumped out as I unclipped him from his leash, and ran around happily, waiting for hubby to cross.


We spent an AMAZING day exploring, (it's kind of like a huge playpen for him, because even though there are lots of woods, we are surrounded by water on all sides...so, he won't swim (yet, lol! away from us. He was free, but he always circled back to us. He dug holes happily, sat in them, ran around in cirlces around us and when we napped, he played in the water!!!! (I didn't sleep, I just sat quietly and observed) he went in, tried to get sticks out from the bottom, ate water, and surprisingly ran back to shore, but then went in for more....the sun was so warm and wonderful...going back, he went in the boat with hubby, and they made it back to shore just as well as I did...


Unfortunately, we had nothing with us except the bare minimum, so all the pictures I have of this wild and wonderful adventure are in my head. This day will be hard to beat...but I am looking forward to the spring and summer and the adventures we will have!!!!!

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An excellent adventure to be sure, and well told. I was able to form my own wonderful mental pictures. :)

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Bravo Wyot... Way to go!!! I bet he will be sooooo excited when he sees the KAYAK come out again....what fun.

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