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Kajika In New York

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Hi Kim,

This is Cody's wife, Brittany, with an update on our AI pup Kajika.


Kajika has adapted to our home very well and fits right in. It feels as though we have two toddlers now and they even sometimes don't want to share their toys with each other haha. The first couple weeks were pretty crazy with teaching to potty outside and not run off with all my sons toys to his crate but now he is consistently telling us he has to go out by ringing the potty bell or whining at the door, he understands that "potty" means he is going out to relieve himself.


He has slowed down on chewing all my son's toys after we gave him some of his own hard things to chew on and just constantly redirecting him. He is such a fast learner. Our Sheba Innu, Foxy, and him are getting along great now. Kajika is very dominant. They wrestle all the time and I know Foxy let's him pin her down on her back, he does submit to her when he gets too crazy in play. So they have a good balance figured out, except that Kajika steals every toy that Fox attempts to play with.


He has had his first vet visit and will be having his second soon. He did well with the wormer and all. He's growing fast and his coat is starting to change, I'm very curious to see how his adult coat will look. He is great with my 17 month old son even when my son gets too rough with him, Kajika never gets snappy about it.


We are so very happy with our pup and he is absolutely perfect for our family, Cody has never had a dog who loves him and wants to please him as much as Kajika does. We are very grateful to all the hard work and love you have put into bringing back the breed in a healthy way. I'll wrap up with update with some photos.


With love and much appreciation,
Brittany & Cody G. - NY






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