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Introducing Kajika!

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Hello everyone! This is the proud new mama of a handsome little pup from Cree and Jay Silver Heels. My hubby ad are just absolutely area in love with our little guy. Kim picked out the perfect pup.


To tell you a little about our family, we have a Shiba Inu named Foxy, she is 8 years old and we have a 15 month old son named Titus. A few years ago my hubby's childhood dog passed away and it took us a long time to be able to welcome another pup to our family but we finally decided we were ready and really wanted to get a pup to bond with our son and also for tracking deer during hunting season.


My hubby went and picked up our pup Kajika last Monday night, it was rather late when he got home and settled so not much happened that night other than Foxy was pretty furious with us. Cody (hubby) and his dad walked the dogs together, let them introduce in neutral territory etc. Foxy seemed to think Kajika was my father in laws new pup lol but soon realized he is living with us. She wouldn't even come near me after I petted Kajika! But after a deer bone, she came around and forgave us.


The next day went alright. Foxy quickly showed Kajika his boundaries with her and he knew right away to give her her own space, he is so smart. For half the day he whined a lot, looking like he was lost but by the afternoon he became more comfortable and by the second day he made himself right at home.


Now it's almost been a week and he is doing so great! He usually let's us know when he needs to potty. He chews on everything and tries to bring whichever of my son's toys he likes on his crate! It's pretty funny to watch him go running away with it but I do not want all my toddlers toys chewed up, so we are working on that. He also was getting pretty mouthy and nippy with me so I just gently laid him on his back with his mouth to the side and he quickly just stopped and I let him go and he barely has chewed on me since.


We are teaching him basic commands so far like sit, stay, lay, drop it. He sits pretty well. I'm impressed by how smart he is. While we were walking him and foxy I saw him frequently watching foxy and matching her pace and how she was walking exactly. Thankfully she is a superb leash walker so he will learn well from her.


The best thing about Kajika is he reminds us so much of our Baxter (hubby's childhood dog) it's as if he has baxters spirit mixed with his own. Baxter was truly one of a kind so we feel so blessed. We love our pup so much and really love how in tune with the dogs kim is to be able to match them to their perfect family. We will forever be grateful!



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Beautiful pics!!!! So nice that Kajika rounds out your family now...he looks so much like Wyot! There are subtle differences, like he's got a tiny dusting of brown on the tips of his ears, as if he accidentally dragged them in paint...his little brown "eyebrows" are slightly different. I love the white paws, too, and my favorite, the whitish round spot under his tail, lol!!


Great to hear how well he is bonding with your older dog. He's got a few really good teachers there! :)

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Small update:


Kajika and Foxy are doing a bit better. Kajika has such a strong dominant personality. Every pup we've encountered submits to Foxy buy showing their belly to her while laying on their back but not Kajika... he barks right in her face while hopping around trying to engage her to play. She usually replies with a small growl or shows a bit of teeth and walks away, what a brat she is..


They do play outside well. Last night though finally Foxy did engage in play with him in the house. Oh it was madness! Shibas have this thing they do called the Shiba 500 when they really get amped up and going. It looks like the house is a race track and she just goes around and around bouncing off the back of the couch, running and running.


Kajika either naturally does it too or learned it from her Bc as they played he also did the Shiba 500 lol even bouncing off the back couch cushions! I've never seen such a young pup that's so fast and agile! I don't want him hurting himself so we make them take breaks Bc boy they really do get going once foxy does want to play.


Last night Foxy even got in bed with my hubby and Kajika, I think she is starting to allow a bond with the new brother of hers. Still kind of a love hate relationship but she's not a spring chicken anymore so she's a bit grouchy sometimes.


Seems like the only issue we are having is Kajika thinking all my toddlers toys are his too! They are out on the floor a lot Bc you know it's impossible to keep all the toys neat with a toddler throwing them around constantly... so we are trying to figure out how to help him understand what's his and not his.. oh and not to steal food from my toddlers hand! Our first vet apt is Thursday so will give an update on how that went hopefully.




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LOL!!! The Shiba 500...we have the Wyot 500, and he's the only dog!! I called it his Tazmanian devil time of day (usually later in the evening), and someone here had mentioned that it was the "zoomies" which I love..yep, LOTS of agility, action, and muscle for one so little. Wyot slides into things when he gets nuts barking and chasing a ball (which I start off, and he just continues, pushing it with his paw, throwing it up and out, etc.)...he shakes it off, and looks like he meant to do it, of course. :rolleyes::P


Looks like there's a truce between the dogs in those pics, which are wonderful! It takes time for everyone to figure things out. My kids were teens when I got my black lab pup, so I wouldn't know what to say about toy sharing. That's a tough thing to battle, I would think. Perhaps it would be easier to teach your toddler than Kajika on that one, lol!

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Thanks guys. He has such adorable little antics. His ears have perked up now and stay up all the time, they were floppy the first four days or so. Here's a silly picture my husband took the other day.


You got to watch them pop!!!!!!!!!! Good thing you took a lot of pics, they grow so fast sometimes - you really notice the little changes in the pics :)

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It's good they have the shiba 500 and AI zoomies as a common interest or compulsion ... LOL! It is very fun to watch B)

Glad you are giving time outs so Kajika doesn't over do himself and hurt himself.


I saw in another post that many on list may be looking for female pups. I can say from experience, visiting my dogs littermate and younger full sibling, and reading the posts of others like Chinatola and Sherab, it doesn't seem that the sex matters on how dominant the personality is. It really depends on the personality which is different between pups in each litter and every litter. I don't think Shiba Inu's are pushovers and it sounds like they are feeling each other out and that is good! :D


Sounds like you are off to a great start! Congratulations again! Glad the whole family is happy!


Don't have anything to offer right now about your son's toys ..... except, keep consistent and repeat as many times as necessary. Redirecting helps take away (the no no) and praise when Kajika takes his approved toy.

(you may be doing this already)





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Greetings everyone. This is my first posting. I picked up my girl, Mishe Mokwa (Mother Bear) from Kim on December 13. Greg was so helpful with tips on training and pups in general. Big shout out to Greg...thanks for all you do. I enjoyed meeting you and appreciate all your help. Kim..thanks for all you do also. You have a beautiful family and I am blessed to be a Watcher/momma of one spirited little girl. You said she was the shy one..not anymore. She is confident, outspoken, spirited, and smart..oh so smart. I love her so. We stayed with my daughter in Portland, OR through December 18. Good thing I picked Mishe up on December 13 because Portland was hit with a snow storm that crippled the city. I flew home to Michigan with Mishe via Delta as carry on. She did extremely well, never whined the whole trip. FYI..almost didn't make it on the flight as Delta has a rule that pups have to be 10 weeks old to fly. She was shy by 2 days. Bless the airline attendant for looking the other way and allowing us to fly. Mishe is a pup from Cree and Jay Silver. She is so beautiful and growing so fast. We have an English Crème Golden Retriever, Cooper, male 4 year old. He was super jealous the first couple of days but they are getting on extremely well now and play and play. Mishe is a great chewer of all things. She is much better now with knowing what are her toys. She is mostly potty trained but still has an accident or two here and there but not everyday. Just when I think we have it figured out...whoops there she goes on the floor. Time is racing by and I can't believe I've had her now for 17 days and this is my first post..sorry. I'll work on the picture thing soon. I've only been able to capture a few snaps but will work on that too. Thanks everyone for listening and posting about the pups. I love,love,love reading about them all. Megwetch, Susie

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