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Happy Holidays From Tamarack & Rune

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Just wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday season.

We're getting lots of winter weather here in New Hampshire and the boys are loving it!





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IMGP1404 (1).jpg


Pst. Santa bwing me new poop door. I like. Cake afwade. She hide. So I have to wish you all things good.


IMGP1405 (1).jpgIMGP1412.jpg


Happy solstice, Merry Christmas, Glorious Hanukka, Joyous New Year, Auspicious Losar/ Chinese new year... with so many reasons to celebrate early and often, may you keep a spring in your step and a twinkle in your eye that lasts well into 2017 (year of the fire rooster).

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Happy holidays. What a gorgeous shot you captured.


It certainly is and glad to see they are getting along as pals now! Rune must love getting his exercise in doing mushing!

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Oh yes, he certainly is! And developing some serious muscles from it too. Though it seems I'm creating something of a monster.. he has started to come to expect that level of exercise every day and if he doesn't get it, he gets antsy. Off leash walks and fetch just don't seem to cut it anymore!

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