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Trip Through California

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(Not sure if this is the right place to put this)


My family is going on a road trip from our home Eugene, all the way down to San Diego and back. We are taking our AI Dog Arlo with us and would absolutely love to meet up with other AI Dog owners on our trip. We have a very loose travel plan, so if you're interested in meeting up, let us know!

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How was your trip?

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Gee, sorry I missed this post. It's a busy time of year. I look forward to your photos and recap.

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Well my camera and computer decided to not co operate, so no pictures until i fix that :(

But a (very) late, brief recap!

We drove down all over the place really, hitting as many dog parks and beaches as we could.. the main highlight for me and Arlo was the dog beach in San Diego (i think), Arlo was so happy playing there that we stayed two nights instead of the planned one. Didn't see any AI Dogs, but it was still fun and Arlo loved seeing all the new places!

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