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Update On Maddie

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Hello folks,


I wanted to take a moment to officially introduce Maddie to the forum. She is 18 months old and is an inside / outside dog. Maddie spends the days outside with Anoki and Blue Bird and comes inside for the evening after she eats. She enjoys going for rides and visiting with everyone she comes in contact with, particularly kids and she definitely enjoys being the center of attention.


Maddie is a Black and Tan female that people really seem drawn to. Many people comment about the tan markings over her eyes which gives me an opportunity to discuss the myth of the "4-eyed" dogs. Maddie is very intelligent with lots of energy. Fortunately, Anoki helps her drain a lot of her energy during their daily play.


Maddie gets along well with any other dog she comes in contact with. She hosted Sita here at the house for several months last year and she and Sita got along extremely well. My daughter brought her two small dogs here over the Thanksgiving holiday. Maddie was very aware and respectful of the smaller dogs and behaved extremely well with a house full of people.


At night, Maddie will come inside and lay beside me wherever I may be. She knows when its bedtime and will run to her pillow beside our bed and sit there until I get into bed. Once I get settled into bed, she actually gives me a kiss then lays down and sleeps throughout the night.


That was just a little about her and now a few pictures I hope you enjoy.




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Maddie is on the "smaller" side. On October 20th, Maddie checked in at 33 pounds and Anoki at 42.5 pounds.

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Ya gotta love the black and tan ones.





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Bandit is a black and tan also (even brindle almost in spots.) Somehow not surprising they look alike, aside from size.


Expect to get "is that a german shepherd??" a LOT. ;)

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Beautiful Maddie!!! :wub: I often wonder what my black and tan little Wyot will look like when he grows...it's really exciting to watch. Almost like you can see them grow every day! His eyes are the most beautiful, expressive little things, always looking to me, inquisitive, trusting, loving, mischevious and a lovely, clear green, especially in the sunlight.

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