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Hi all, just wanted to let you know August 23, 2016 was the passing of another sweet, incredible AIDog...Linda Bell lost Snake. He had some health issues that were too bad to recover from. He crossed that Rainbow Bridge in peace. Linda misses him more than words can express...

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We send a howl too.

I'm sure the whole family felt the loss .... two legged and four legged. I hope the hearts heal soon

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From Linda:


"Snake was a quiet gentle dog very Majestic he was loyal to the point of going Beyond his own comfort zone just to make sure I was okay that kind of love that kind of loyalty you don't find all the time he was that way up until he passed I have problems with my feet in the morning and he would come over to make sure I can get up and walk so he also was gentle to everybody he met and they all love them because it the kids especially because he was he was a calm dog I'm going to miss my buddy my friend my companion"





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Linda with Snake and Malachi, and Chhaya (black) and Koda (brown), who has passed the Rainbow Bridge also....Snake and Koda are together once again...

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