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If you look closely at this picture, you will see that Sitka has lost his ruff--the thick collar of fur around his neck.


His Barber is Kooskie.


I didn't realize how bad it was until I picked up a large clump of fur, and matched it to his ruff.


The poor boy is getting the brunt of it.





She hasn't chewed on anything or anyone else, just him. He is so terrific with her, and she can sometimes be a beautiful terror to him. Good thing he loves her. He's hoping for those babyteeth to start falling.

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WOW! That's a different issue on the forum! Sitka is being VERY patient. I hope his ruff grows back eventually.

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So I've been fasting for the last 7 days, and along with that, I do the standard stretching, yoga, and floor exercises.


What is it with these dogs and Yoga? They insinuate themselves into your pose, bugging you but not actually inhibiting your movement. By the end of it, you just have to laugh, which is also good for the soul. Medicine dogs... :lol:


Anyway, we have finished a set, and we are about to walk it off, and I get a sliver or sticker or something in my foot:







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OHHHHH you got a babhy tooth!!!!!!!!





There may be more in Sitka's neck fur .....

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