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Nakoma Is Now A Certified Search And Rescue Dog.

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This week Nakoma and I traveled from Pennsylvania to Tennessee for the International Police Working Dog Association Nationals for training and certification. We did not thing Nakoma was going to be able to test since he was the youngest and as a team the newest members of the association. I was going to follow behind another dog who was testing to experience how a test is ran and see other dogs work. Unfortunately this dog was unable to to pick up the scent so his test had to be called off. The master trainer turned to me and told me to get Nakoma, you are going to run this track. So I ran back to the truck and got Nakoma, without time to think about what we where about to do I scented Nakoma with the artical and he got right to work. After more then a mile long track in extreme dry and hot conditions we aridved to an open field by a river. Nakoma pulled me across the field to a tree line where he located the track layer, passing his first certification! A track over 6 hours old, over a mile long, through woods, fields and across roads and a creek. Nakoma just turned 2 last month, he was one of the younger dogs this week to certify by IPWDA. Being certified by a police K9 association Nakoma is now able to be deployed on searches. Nakoma was alcohol the most unique dog out of all the dogs and after watching him work everyone was asking about the breed and wanting to take pictures of him. I could not be more proud of Nakoma and could not be more happy I chose this breed! They are amazing dogs as You all know, just wanted to share our story with everyone.


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That's Awesome!!!!!!!!


Tayamni give's a happy howl (her Chewbacca one) for Nakoma!!!!!


Keith I know you put a lot of time and effort into this 'volunteering'. Congratulations to you both!!!!!!!!! :D

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Congratulations to you and Nakoma!


A track over 6 hours old, over a mile long, through woods, fields and across roads and a creek..



I feel very proud. I know I have no right to, but c'mon! AIDogs rule!

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