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This post may be a bit long, but it is important, so please bear with me. There is a class of antibiotics known as fluoroquinolones, and they are highly toxic. Four years ago I was "floxed" by just one prescription of Cipro, and though I have improved, the damage is permanent, and follows a flare and remit pattern. Fluoroquinolones damage DNA and mitochondrial function. My immediate symptoms were anaphylactic allergic reactions to foods, fragrances, and just about anything I put on my skin, followed by cartilage, ligament and soft tissue damage, a torn retina, a raging Candida infection, skin rashes, and unrelenting fatigue to the point some days I could not get out of bed. The traditional medical world has no answers, no way to reverse any of this. Four years later the allergic reactions are no better, I carry antihistamines and an epinephrine pen always. I can eat only a very limited variety of foods and have multi chemical sensitivity. I still have to be careful not to over exhert myself, and my knees and ankles are so stiff and painful I have an odd stiff legged rolling gait (think Frankenstein monster.) The only thing that helped was acupuncture, Chinese herbs, bone broths, and lots of rest. The acupuncturist said I'd have improvement over time with the fatigue and some of the other problems, but because my immune system was so damaged, the allergies and sensitivities were likely permanent. A few weeks ago I took Kaposia to the emergency vet due to a light, constant cough. It was a Sunday and the regular vet wasn't in. After examining Kaposia the vet said he didn't think it was kennel cough, but some kind of a local irritation from something she might have gotten into, and that kennel cough is viral in nature so therefore antibiotics were not appropriate. I heaved a big sigh of relief, thanked the vet, hugged Kaposia and said, "Thank goodness, no antibiotics, nobody should go through what Grammy did!" The vet asked, "What was that?" I explained my fluoroquinolone saga, and he gave a quizzical look and said, "Hmmmm, as vets we were taught that was only a problem in the very young." And I thought, "Oh NO! They're giving this crap to animals!" Did some online research and sure enough, lots of stories about pets being harmed by these antibiotics too: www.floxiepets.com and there's another group trying to get a class action lawsuit because their pets were harmed or died. Fluoroquinolones have their place; life threatening MRSA, bacterial encephalitis etc. but NOT garden variety UTI's, bronchitis etc. This class of medications contains a fluoride ion that allows it to cross the blood brain barrier, which is good if you have a brain infection, but it can and frequently does do neurological damage. The floxiepets website lists the names of veterinary fluoroquinolones. Please be aware, please look out for your fur babies!

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Good to know. Thanks for bringing this to all of out attention. Now I hope I don't forget....ya know how it is when we get older. :wacko:

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I am late to the table here...but my computer has been down for almost two weeks now! (can you say AI dog forum withdrawal??? :) )


Thank you so much for all this information, Lakegirl. I am so sorry for all your suffering. :mellow: Many hugs to you!


Let me preface, that my husband and I are into natural health; both of us, for about 30 years now. Modern medicine, (it has its place, mostly for EMERGENCY care, ie. broken bones, and life threatening situations..) is only 100 years old. The antibiotic movement, in reality, is pretty young, and vaccines, though they seem to "protect", really don't. Vaccines, all contain more things to poison the body, and the "dead" virus is pretty potent, making the person receiving the vaccination a carrier (I personally have never taken the flu vaccines, for instance), and almost all the people that get the flu vaccine, get sick anyway (to one degree or another). I could go on and on, but even in mainstream news, there is evidence and stories of how damaging vaccines and antibiotics are. How many deaths, and how many damaging health problems (like yours) appear and stay for life!


I believe that we have been given everything we need from nature (in its natural form). We only need to connect with it more...we can heal from anything, and I mean anything, with a lot of patience (which most people don't have nowadays), rest, hydration, eating correctly and lack of fear, and love. FEAR is what makes us make wrong decisions, no matter which variety. Many mainstream doctors prey upon people's fear, and make it seem like they MUST take this course of action...or else, they won't get well. Not true. We forget that WE are our own decision makers, we own our bodies...and that unfortunately, MONEY is what drives most of the modern medical system (kickbacks from the drug companies, etc.)


I myself had a 3 year journey to healing myself naturally from debilitating Lyme's disease. It disabled me completely, whereupon I could do nothing because I had severe vertigo anytime I opened my eyes, never mind did anything normal like walking....with lots of love, patience, and eating mostly raw foods (close to nature), I cured myself. I need to be vigilant, though, as dizziness sometimes rears its head, and I just need to scale back and eat better and hydrate or rest. We have been equipped with everything we need to heal...it's just been impressed upon us, to use things that help us as quickly (and they say, safely) as possible. This is not so. If we watch our animals, nature in every aspect, time heals. The native Americans themselves had amazing remedies from nature, and knew so much about the plants that grew native, which are there for our use and health! We sadly, have moved very far from this...perhaps, with people like you, and me and many others who have been through much suffering, we can educate and help others, and save our animals, from this fate.


So sorry this is long...but natural health has been my passion since I was young. I try to spread the word about all the incredible things we can achieve to be healthy...I'm off my soapbox now, and back to our regular programming. :D


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